If your loved one has kidney disease, then you know that going through dialysis treatment can feel overwhelming at times. If you want to help your friend or family member who is undergoing dialysis treatment, learn how to support a loved one with kidney disease.

How to Support a Loved One with Kidney Disease

1. Prepare your loved one kidney disease-friendly meals

Many people, including dialysis patients, have a hard time sticking to a healthy diet. You can make life easier for your friend or family member and prepare them kidney disease-friendly food.

2. Take your loved one to dialysis treatment

Help your loved one go to dialysis treatment appointments. Helping them go to their appointments can offer your friend emotional support. Additionally, your company will help them from getting bored.

3. Go to support groups with your loved one

If you want to help your friend or family member with kidney disease, take your loved one to a support group. Some dialysis patients go to support groups to cope with kidney disease and other personal issues. Going to support groups with your loved one will show solidarity and you can learn more about what your loved one is going through.

4. Become a living donor

Did you know that in the United States, approximately one-third of kidney transplants are from living donors? If you care deeply about your loved one, you can become a living donor so they won’t have to wait longer for a transplant.

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