Taking Care of Your Gynecological Health At Home

Taking Care of Your Gynecological Health At Home

Your body and reproductive organs need to be treated well with care. You should learn how to love and accept it. Self-care is one of the best and most effective ways in preventing any gynecological problems.

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Here are some of the practices you can do at home to take better care of your gynecological health:

Good hygiene

Taking good care of your body always starts with good hygiene. And in taking care of your vagina, never use strong soaps when cleaning and washing your intimate parts down there. Your vagina has its own cleaning system that is self-sufficient. Also, douching is a big no-no when cleaning your private parts as it can wash out the good bacteria that keeps the right pH balance. You should also avoid wearing tight underwear and opt to wear the breathable ones so the area doesn’t get too moist which can encourage the wrong bacteria to grow.

Practice safe sex

This is also important in taking care of your reproductive organs. There are over 20 sexually transmitted diseases that can infect you if you do not practice safe sex. This can greatly affect your overall health and lifestyle. Be honest and have an open conversation with your partner. You can also consult your gynecologist and discuss with them how to take care of your reproductive health best in your sexual relationships.

Proper diet and exercise

Your reproductive health depends on your overall health, so it is best that you take time to eat a very healthy diet. There are also foods that can help boost the good bacteria your vagina needs to stay healthy, such as yogurt. Also, exercising ang maintaining a balanced weight helps with missed period, heavy periods and can help reduce pelvic pain that you might be experiencing.

Try self-examinations on your breasts

Although most of gynecological problems need proper examination done by your medical providers or gynecologists, you can still try to check for any abnormal lumps and/or bumps. This includes checking your breasts, which should be done at least once a month. Examine your entire breast, nipple, and underarm area and feel for any lumps that might have emerged. If you feel something new or unusual, book an appointment with your gynecologist immediately to have it checked out.

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