Coronary Artery Calcium Scanning

Coronary Artery Calcium Scanning

Heart scans are used to determine and measure the amount of atherosclerosis that contains calcium in the patient’s vessels. The increased plaque buildup within the heart’s arteries might reduce blood supply to the cardiac muscle. Calcified plaque can be measured by a heart scan, which may help your doctor detect cardiovascular disease before symptoms appear. The results will help your doctor decide whether medicine or way of life changes are necessary to lower your risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases. If you are experiencing cardiac issues, it is recommended that you see Top Cardiologist in Brooklyn. Cardiologist in Brooklyn may order an electrocardiogram (EKG) and other tests to rule out heart disease as a possible cause of your symptoms. 

Why would someone need a calcium heart scan? 

These risk factors indicate the following individuals should get this test: 

  • Obesity 
  • Background of cardiovascular disease in the family 
  • Arterial hypertension 
  • Poor diet and inadequate exercise lead to elevated cholesterol 
  • A lot of pressure 
  • Smoking 

However, these scans aren’t always helpful. A negative result from the test is to be expected, for instance, if the individual being tested is at exceptionally minimal risk for cardiovascular disease. There is no benefit to getting a coronary calcium scan if the patient has a significant chance of cardiovascular disease because they will almost certainly have a high score. 

Current heart disease patients do not need to undergo this test because it will only serve to verify their diagnosis and add no new information to what doctors already know. Due to these factors, this scan may not be warranted in all cases. Before deciding if a scan is necessary, patients should consult a doctor. 

Radiation is produced during heart scans since they use X-ray equipment, which puts patients at risk. The level of radiation exposure is usually regarded as safe, it’s roughly the same as the quantity of radioactivity to which you would be exposed throughout the course of a year through natural means. 

Some medical facilities, particularly urgent care centers, and emergency rooms advertise cardiac scans as an easy and fast way to assess a patient’s risk of having a heart attack. Such scanning does not even involve a recommendation from a physician, and your insurance company may not pay for them even if they do. In addition, there are blood tests and monitoring of blood pressure that cost less money but could provide information that is comparable. 


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