Why is immunization/vaccination so important?

Why is immunization/vaccination so important?

Do you remember the dates when your child is going to be vaccinated? If you do, great. For those who don’t, you have failed to give them the most important protection that they need. And because of that, their bodies might not be able to fight the disease that is easily preventable by a vaccine shot. Want to know how? Read this article to know the importance of vaccinations in your children’s life.  

A vaccine is a type of chemical compound that is given to boost your immunity so that your body produces antibodies to protect you from diseases and infections. Vaccines make sure that the person is immunized to fight off the disease. It is given in the form of injections or oral drops.  

For example, every year in the USA, it is recommended that people take flu shots so that the new strains of flu don’t affect them. 

Here are the reasons why it is so important to vaccinate your children. 

  1. Vaccine-preventable diseases do not go away: Infections or diseases happen due to bacteria or viruses which can be found anywhere. The people who get the vaccines are immune to them but the ones who are not immune get these diseases quickly, which can lead to permanent disabilities or even life-threatening symptoms. With advancements in research, new vaccines that are given to kids can protect them from a number of dangerous diseases.  
  2. Vaccines help to boost your overall immunity: Vaccines not only protect you from a particular disease but also improve the overall immunity of your body. That helps to protect you from other common diseases that can affect you.  
  3. Vaccinations protect and help in the development of the immune system in children: In infants and children, body functions are in development, and they are vulnerable to getting any infections or diseases. To protect them, vaccines are given to them. It also helps in the development of the immune system by producing antibodies. 
  4. Immunization can save you money and time: As a child, getting injections and oral drops can make you immune to many types of serious diseases. But if your child is not vaccinated, chances are they might get affected by any of the commonly vaccine-preventable diseases. And then, your child needs to go through several tests to know the disease and needs to take treatment which is expensive. That way, immunization can save your time and money.  
  5. Vaccines can save your kids from life-threatening situations: Vaccines help to boost the immune system so that your body can protect you from various types of diseases and infections that can have life-threatening symptoms and even lead to death. Every year in the US, around 50,000 adults die because of vaccines preventable diseases.  
  6. Vaccines protect you and your future generations: Getting vaccinated not only protects you but your future generations. How? Because getting vaccinated protects you now and when everybody takes the vaccination the infections are not able to infect anyone and cease to exist. Future generations do not need to take vaccination then. Diseases such as smallpox, rubella (German measles), etc. do not exist now because infections are not able to spread themselves and cease to exist.  
  7. Vaccinations are safe and effective in the long term: Vaccinations are safe for you. It is reviewed by doctors, researchers, and government officials before it comes to you as a vaccination to immunize you. You might have some mild effects like cold, fever, and soreness when you get the vaccine injection. And by looking at the damage and severity of the diseases they prevent, it’s a small price to pay. Serious allergic reactions or any other health conditions caused by vaccinations are exceedingly rare. Vaccinations are amazingly effective because their effects stay for a long time mostly throughout your whole life. 
  8. Vaccinations help to avoid various disabilities in children: Vaccinations protect your children from various disabilities. Because infants are very fragile. They are prone to get infections and diseases whose symptoms start showing early and lead to disabilities. Immunized infants and children are protected from any kind of disability due to their immunity to these potentially dangerous diseases. For example, polio drops help to manage polio in many countries, which can cause disabilities and even paralysis. Another example is measles which can make a person blind, deaf, or give you mental disabilities. Vaccinations are especially important for everybody, especially for kids and infants because their body is weak, and their immune system is not yet developed. Vaccinations give the protection that their body needs to protect them from different kinds of diseases and infections that give them life-threatening conditions or might lead to death.

So, make sure you get your children vaccinated to keep them healthy. 

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