Common PTSD Triggers 

Common PTSD Triggers 


Are you worried that something might trigger your PTSD? If yes, then worry not, we can help you with that problem. PTSD is common not only in veterans but in anyone who has suffered a traumatic event. It is a mental health condition that causes symptoms triggered by the trauma or the incident you witnessed or survived. Symptoms include severe anxiety, uncontrollable thoughts, depression, nightmares, flashbacks, etc. These symptoms can affect your everyday life and in severe cases, a person lives in constant fear of that traumatic event or even thinks of attempting suicide. Visit the best Mental Health Clinic in Brooklyn at Doral Health & Wellness or log on to 

PTSD symptoms are triggered by things that can bring back memories of those traumatic events. However, the good news is, it is preventable. Learn about PTSD triggers in this article.  

Common PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) triggers 

Many everyday things can easily trigger your PTSD symptoms, such as: 

  • Noise 
  • Smells  
  • Colors  
  • Food  
  • Even the weather  
  • Visual images 

Here are some examples of these triggers. 

  • Loud sounds: If you experience real-life battles or live around a war zone, then, it might trigger your PTSD whenever you hear loud sounds such as music on speakers, fireworks, a car backfiring, or riding noisy bikes.  
  • Smell: Certain things that you smell during an incident might become the reason that triggers your PTSD. Things like alcohol, petrol, coal, drugs, etc., remind you of the traumatic events that caused PTSD. 
  • Color: When you see the color/colors again that you saw in the incident you survived, it instantly triggers your flashback of trauma.  
  • Food: Food can also act as a PTSD trigger. For example, eating burgers can remind you how it can choke you to death until you are able to swallow it, or the time when the abuser makes you eat spicy food to make you suffer. 
  • Weather: A stormy night can give you a flashback of how your car accident took place.  
  • Visual images: During watching a movie, you see a scene where the hero tries to save some person by holding him at the edge similarly to you who have been in the same situation and who failed to save the person can trigger your experience.  
  • Emotional pain: Seeing someone being discriminated against due to his/her race can remind you of the racial trauma you survived over the years.  
  • Words: hearing someone say – I will make you mine, I love you, can instantly trigger a flashback of the abuser’s voice when he/she says to you during the time of sexual or physical abuse.  
  • Loss of loved one: When your friend or relative loses someone dear to them, you can remember the grief that you felt at the time when you lost your loved one during a car accident.  
  • Physical traits: Walking down the road, you see a man wearing the same hoody and having the same wide shoulders, and sharp nose, that can remind you of the abuser that caused you trauma.  

Remember that anything can trigger your PTSD which is related to your trauma.  

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