How to Cope with PTSD Triggers 

How to Cope with PTSD Triggers 


PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is a mental health condition that causes symptoms triggered by the trauma or the incident you witnessed or survived. Symptoms include severe anxiety, uncontrollable thoughts, depression, nightmares, flashbacks, etc. Symptoms can affect your everyday life and in severe cases, a person lives in constant fear of that traumatic event or even thinks of attempting suicide. However, the good news is, you can learn to cope with your triggers and live a healthier life. Learn about PTSD coping methods in this article. Visit the best Mental Health Clinic in Brooklyn at Doral Health & Wellness or log on to 

How to cope with PTSD triggers? 

Many things can trigger your PTSD, and that’s why you should learn coping methods that allow you to respond to your trauma when it happens. For example, when you are stressed out during the night, deep breathing exercises can help you to calm your mind.  

Learn the major coping methods that you can use to cope with your PTSD triggers.  

  • Relaxation exercises: These exercises are designed to calm your mind to clear your thoughts such as breathing exercises, meditation, muscle relaxation exercises, listening to your favorite music, or getting some fresh air.  
  • Expressive writing: This can help you to express your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and memories that lead to PTSD symptoms.  
  • Grounding techniques: These techniques allow you to focus on the current moment you are living in, instead of on your triggers.  
  • Mindfulness exercises: These exercises make you more self-aware about yourself and make you focus on your present rather than worrying about your past and future.  
  • Self-soothing techniques: It is a way to comfort yourself when you feel overwhelmed.  
  • Social support: This can encourage and strengthen you emotionally so that you can deal with your stressful memories positively.  

Besides these coping methods, you must be aware of your triggers. This way you can find out what are the effective ways to deal with them and feel less out of control. This is good for your mood and overall well-being. 

And If coping techniques are not extremely helpful in managing your triggers, then ask your healthcare provider about the treatment for your PTSD triggers. Usually, they can refer you to a mental health clinic or hospital because psychiatrists give treatment to PTSD patients by diagnosing their symptoms and condition. And help you to prevent the triggers that cause PTSD symptoms.  

Usually, PTSD is treated by a combination of psychotherapy and medication. Psychotherapy includes Cognitive behavioral therapy, exposure therapy, occupational therapy, etc. which focus on identifying the negative thoughts which cause distress emotions, and behaviors and asking them to think about a realistic approach to avoid them. This helps them to understand the triggers and helps to find a way to cope with their intellectual abilities.  

Medications such as Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) are used to manage the symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety, which can relieve some symptoms of PTSD. only take medications that are prescribed by the doctor as some drugs can cause addiction or side effects.  

PTSD is a quite common mental health condition that can affect your everyday life. But you can easily cope with its symptoms by learning PTSD coping strategies such as deep breathing, grounding techniques, relaxation techniques, etc. If these coping methods are not useful, then visit your healthcare provider to get treatment.  

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