Fungal infections: Overview

Fungal infections: Overview

Having rashes and red skin is a common infection that can happen to anybody. This can be irritating and itchy, it is not serious…. People usually come in contact with fungal spores and get this infection. While no one falls sick from this infection, if you have a weak immune system due to any reason, then it can lead to serious complications. Talk to a specialist for infectious diseases if you have any concerns. 

People who have a weak immune system should visit the doctor when they notice the symptoms of a fungal infection. While it is not harmful to many people it can be easily treated and cured by a doctor of Infectious diseases. 

Keep reading this article about fungal infections to learn how you can manage them.

Fungal infection is caused by tiny fungi, which are not visible to the naked eye. As they’re present everywhere in the environment it is hard to prevent them. Whenever you encounter harmful fungi, they infect you. They are not strong enough to make you sick (but it is possible in case of a weak immune system). They can cause you a rash, burning, or itchy sensation.  

While they are easily treatable, they cannot be killed in the environment, and they can infect you again. They can easily be transferred through contact with an infected person or contact with their items. You can prevent this infection to some extent by keeping yourself clean and dry, changing clothes and shoes often, and by avoiding sharing personal items.  


The major symptoms of fungal infections are:  

  • Unexplained Rash 
  • Redness of specific areas of the body 
  • Swollen bumps like pimples or scaly patches.  
  • Discoloring of nails.  
  • Thick or brittle nails  
  • Cracked or peeled skin. 
  • Burning or itching on the infected area 


Treatment of fungal infection is often given through over-the-counter antifungal creams which are available at your nearest pharmacy. But to get better and faster results you should take the prescribed medicine from the doctor. In case you have severe fungal infections, you should take oral medicine to treat your condition.  

Often the symptoms go away in a few days after treatment. But sometimes it leaves little patches behind, which take a few weeks to go away.  

Fungal infection is caused by fungi which cause irritation and gives a mild burning itching sensation. You can prevent them to some extent but not always, so it is better that whenever you notice the symptoms of fungal infections visit your doctor to get treatment to get rid of the infection.  

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