Different Types of Hair Loss

Different Types of Hair Loss

Have you noticed lately that your hair is thinning, or you are suffering from excessive hair fall, or your hairline is receding?  you might be suffering from hair loss. If you notice that you are suffering from this condition, you can contact a dermatologist in Brooklyn immediately. For more info, contact us at Doral Health and Wellness Dermatology Center.

Here are the different types of hair loss that you might be suffering from.

Alopecia aerata

This condition develops in the body when your body attacks your own hair follicles. Alopecia aerata is an autoimmune disorder that causes your hair to fall in clumps though the amount of hair loss is different in everyone. Hair fall is usually noticeable on your scalp, but it can happen on any part of your body where your hair grows.

Central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia

This is a type of hair loss that starts at the center of your head or small.  It begins as a small, balding, round patch in your scalp that grows over time especially if no treatment is being done. This type of hair loss develops in men but it is more common in Black women. If you notice that you have this type of hair loss, have it treated as soon as possible. Starting early with the treatment can prevent further hair loss.

Female pattern hair loss

Female pattern hair loss is affecting millions of women. This condition can start during midlife, but it can also start earlier. If you notice that your part is widening or if your ponytail is getting thinner, you might have this condition. This is a progressing condition and can cause baldness if you do not treat this early on.

Male pattern hair loss

This condition begins as a receding hairline or a bald spot on top of your head. This is also the most common hair loss that men like you can suffer. Although this appears in the later years of a men’s life, usually around 50 years old, it can also start early on.

Frontal fibrosing alopecia

This condition used to be rare during the 90’s. But today, more people are diagnosed with FFA, and is growing more rapidly. This is a condition where a thin band of receding hair is noticeable along the front and sides of your hairline. If you have this condition, you will notice hair loss anywhere else you have hair on your body. You could lose some or all of your eyebrows too. In more advanced cases, you can lose your pubic hair, underarm hair, and even the hair on your arms and legs.

There is also a type of hair loss that is caused by different hairstyles that pulls the hair. Like tight ponytails, cornrows, or hairdos that are tightly pulled up. This consistent pulling will eventually lead to hair loss.

The best way to prevent hair loss is to consult the best dermatologist in East New York. At Doral Health and Wellness Dermatology Center, we have the best dermatologists that are ready to help you take care of your skin and scalp’s conditions. As dermatology experts in Brooklyn, New York we are dedicated in providing the best services. You can visit us at 1797 Pitkin Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11212 to book an appointment. You can also call us at 1-347-384-5690 or visit our website at https://www.bestbrooklyndermatologist.com to book an appointment online.

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