What is a Heart Murmur?

What is a Heart Murmur?


Whooshing, swishing, or other murmuring noises might be caused by turbulent blood flow in the heart. A stethoscope is used to listen to these noises. Whenever your heart valves close, you’ll hear a pair of sounds that sound something like “lubb-dupp” in between beats. Congenital heart murmurs are evident at birth, but acquired murmurs occur at any age (acquired). Some of the greatest Cardiologist Brooklyn can be found at Doral Health & Wellness, where they will treat any heart conditions you may be experiencing and also advise you on how to avoid heart problems in the first place. You can rely on the experts at Heart Doctor Brooklyn to diagnose problems and provide preventive measures for your cardiovascular system. There is an evaluation exam available. 

Not all heart murmurs are dangerous. Without further testing, a patient with a harmless cardiac murmur can safely avoid any therapy. Other types of cardiac murmurs may indicate a more serious problem. The heart and cardiac valves must be tested. The treatment of a heart murmur is condition specific. 

Can a heart murmur be classified into multiple types? 

Different types of cardiac murmurs are categorized by when they occur throughout a heartbeat.  

  • This sort of murmur is systolic, and it happens when the cardiac muscle contracts (tightens) 
  • When the cardiac muscle relaxes, a diastolic murmur can be heard 
  • A persistent heart murmur can be heard not only when the heart muscle is contracting, but even when it is at rest 

Continuous or diastolic murmurs are more indicative of a cardiac problem. However, it’s important to check into every cardiac murmur you hear.


Having a cardiac murmur is often symptomless. While some murmurs are always accompanied by these additional signs: 

  • Pressure in the chest 
  • Palpitations 
  • Fatigue 
  • Breathlessness 
  • Fingertips or skin that is a bluish color  


Heart murmurs are almost always inevitable and cannot be avoided. However, cardiac murmurs can be avoided altogether by treating the underlying illness that is causing them, such as excessive blood pressure, or by avoiding infection of the heart valves.

If a person has a heart murmur, what are their chances of survival? 

Condition-specific treatments can improve or worsen the prognosis for persons with cardiac murmurs. Murmurs are common in infants and young children, although most children outgrow them, and most pregnant women’s murmurs disappear after giving birth. However, heart murmurs caused by serious cardiac diseases always necessitate professional medical attention. 

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