Reasons for unexplained weight loss

Reasons for unexplained weight loss

Are you experiencing unexplained weight loss for no reason? This might make you feel fatigued, low on energy, and weak to carry on your everyday activities. If yes, then read this article to learn the 5 most common reasons for unexplained weight loss and their solutions to solve your problem of weight loss and its effects. Log on to to learn more about weight loss surgery. 

5 Reasons for weight loss and their solutions 

Many reasons can lead to weight loss, here are the most common ones with their solutions (to prevent weight loss).  

1. You get depressed more often: 

Depression is a widespread mental condition in people. But in case you get depressed very often then it impacts your weight. One of the most common side effects that clinical depression causes is the loss of appetite which leads to unexplained weight loss which happens when you’re unaware of how your mood swings affect your life.  

In many cases, people are not even aware they are losing weight because they are focused on emotional and mental states. People start becoming indecisive, start drinking heavily, get less sleep, and stay irritated most of the time. These are the other most common symptoms of depression that you should not ignore because they can impact your work, relationships, health, and everyday activities. 

Solution: Depression is an easily treatable condition. Usually, after diagnosis treatment is given by antidepressant medications, talk therapy, or a combination of both.  

2. Certain medication side-effects:  

Certain medications such as stimulants, antidepressants, chemotherapy drugs, or drugs for type 2 diabetes can cause side effects such as loss of appetite, boost metabolism, or reduce hunger. All these side effects can lead to weight loss.  

Solution: Before using the prescribed medication, you should discuss the side effects of the medication. In case, after use you experience some side effects, then talk with your doctor to change the medicine to find a suitable alternative.  

3. You have hyperthyroidism:  

Hyperthyroidism is a hormonal disorder caused when the thyroid gland produces too many thyroid hormones in the blood which impacts its functions. One of the functions is to regulate metabolism (which burns calories to produce energy for body functions). It boosts metabolism which burns calories faster which leads to weight loss. Other than that, you may experience hunger, trouble sleeping, or heart palpitations that make you feel anxious.  

Solution: Hyperthyroidism is a treatable condition. Usually, treatment is given by medications like beta-blockers, anti-thyroid medication, radioactive therapy, etc. which reduce the productivity to ease your symptoms. In severe cases, thyroidectomy surgery is used to treat your condition. In this surgery, the surgeon removes a part or whole thyroid gland to stop your symptoms. After the surgery, you need to take hormonal replacement therapy medication for your whole life to make sure your bodily functions carry out normally.  

4. You have celiac disease:  

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder that happens when your body causes a chemical reaction to gluten, a protein that is found in wheat and other grains. It happens because your immune system thinks your small intestine is a threat and attacks it. This can damage your small intestine which leads to loss of some weight and causes certain stomach side effects like bloating and diarrhea. It can also mess up your ability to absorb nutrients from the food.  

Solution: This condition is only treated by avoiding eating gluten or other grains containing this protein. In case you mistakenly ingest gluten then certain medications can help you reduce your symptoms which you should keep handy.  

5. You may have cancer:  

Certain cancer types (like tumors or ulcers in your stomach or intestines) can lead to inflammation or malabsorption problems that may cause weight loss. These are cells that use your energy or produce chemicals that change the way you digest food. Your immune system has to work harder to fight the cancer which makes your body burn more calories, which leads to weight loss. 

Solution: New cancer treatments are coming for each type and stage of cancer. The most common option for cancer treatment is chemotherapy or radiation therapy.  

Besides these conditions, there are some other conditions as well such as arthritis, diabetes, Addison’s disease, Sjogren syndrome, heart disease, etc. Some of these conditions are easily treatable while others need special attention to maintain them. That’s why whenever you notice symptoms that lead to weight loss you should visit your healthcare provider for consultation.  

These are the most common reasons for unexplained weight loss. Most of the time these reasons are common, but we ignore their symptoms until they affect us drastically. So, whenever you experience symptoms such as fatigue, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, etc. you should pay a visit to a healthcare provider for proper diagnosis and treatment.  

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