How Sjögren’s Syndrome Affects Your Eyes

How Sjögren’s Syndrome Affects Your Eyes

Sjögren’s (pronounced as SHOW-grins) syndrome is a condition that affects the parts of your body that are producing fluids, such as tears and saliva. This is a type of autoimmune disease that makes the body’s white blood cells attack the body’s healthy tissue and organs, your immune system attacks the organs and glands that keep your eyes and mouth lubricated. Having dry eyes is very common when you have Sjögren’s syndrome.

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These are the symptoms that you might experience that are related to your eyes:

  • A very dry eyes
  • Your eyes are very sensitive to light
  • A burning and stinging eyes
  • Having a blurry vision
  • A feeling of having something stuck in your eyes
  • A feeling of discomfort when wearing contact lens
  • Blepharitis

Your medical provider can properly diagnose your condition by doing one or more of these tests:

  • Schirmer’s test – this procedure will measure the amount of tears your eyes are producing over a certain time
  • Eyelid exam – with this exam, your meibomian glands will be checked if it is working properly. These glands produce oils for your tears to help prevent your eyes from drying out too quickly
  • Dye test – this can be used to color your tears, to allow your doctors to see if your eyes dry up too quickly
  • Blood test – this test is used to check your body’s protein and other blood markers if you have Sjögren’s syndrome

 Other tests done to check if you have Sjögren’s syndrome:

  • Saliva exam – to check how much saliva your mouth produces
  • Labial gland biopsy – to check and examine the tissues in your lips

Treatment for Sjögren’s syndrome will include managing your dry eyes. If you leave this untreated, dry eyes can cause your eyes to become irritated and very uncomfortable. They can also become infected and affect your vision. Some medications can include eye drops that can help with your eye’s lubrication.

When you have Sjögren’s syndrome, it is also best that you consult a rheumatologist or a doctor who specializes in autoimmune diseases. They can help in reviewing your blood results and help with the treatment of your symptoms.

Receiving a diagnosis can be overwhelming because of its scary impact on your life. It is important that you seek immediate help when you see signs and symptoms that can lead to vision loss. At Doral Health and Wellness Ophthalmology Center, our ophthalmologists can help treat different eye and vision problems. To book an appointment, please visit us at 1797 Pitkin Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, 11212. You can also call us at 1-347-384-5690 or check our website at

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