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Xeroderma (Dry Skin)

Xeroderma is the medical term for dry skin. It is a condition where the skin doesn’t have enough moisture to keep it soft, leaving the skin feeling like rough patches that look scaly and flaky. Your Doral Health & Wellness dermatologist will take care of all your skin issues and conditions. They are the best dermatologists in Brooklyn, New York.

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Medicines for Weight Loss

Did you know that medications are used for weight loss? But medicine is recommended to help with other weight loss management strategies such as diet and lifestyle changes. While these medications are effective, they have some side effects too.   Keep reading this article to learn more about the medications for weight loss.  

Can Diabetes Lead to Tendon Problems?

If you are suffering from type 2 diabetes, the chances of developing tendon problems increase up to 3 times. Because diabetes affects the body overall if it doesn’t manage well. And tendons are an important part (found in your arms, legs, shoulder, hips, knees, and ankles) used to transfer the force from muscles to the bone. If you fail to manage your diabetes and are not aware of the symptoms of tendon problems, it can lead to tendon rupturing which can make it harder for you to perform your daily life activities.   Keep reading this article, to avoid these tendon problems.