Can Cancer Be Prevented?

Cancer is a disease where some of your body’s cells grow out of control and sometimes spread to the other parts of your body. Cancer can start anywhere in your body.

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Getting a cancer diagnosis is scary and can be very overwhelming. No matter how you try, you can never fully prevent it. But there are things you can do to reduce your risk. Your risk will depend on many factors, including your lifestyle, age and family history. To reduce your risk, try to make healthier choices. Your future self will thank you if you choose to make healthier changes now.

Do not smoke

If you want to reduce your risk of having cancer, quit smoking. Cigarettes has harmful chemicals that affects not just your lungs, but your entire body. If you are having a hard time quitting, seek professional help.

Keep a healthy weight

Being healthy and keeping a healthy weight is beneficial, especially in reducing your risk of cancer. You should keep track of your weight to help you track if you are losing or gaining weight. Eat a balanced diet to help you maintain or reach your weight goal.

Have a balanced diet

Consume healthy foods and drinks. Make sure that you eat a nutritious meal every time you eat. Aim to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to help you reduce your risk of cancer. It can be a little challenging to switch to healthy foods especially if you are so used to eating unhealthy foods.

Have fun in the sun, safely

Too much exposure in the sun can damage your skin cells. Be safe when you are out and about as too much UV radiation from the sun increases your risk of having skin cancer. When it is too hot and you need to stay out, be sure to take extra precaution such as using sunscreen and re-applying whenever possible and covering up and taking shade.

Cut back on alcohol

When you cut back on alcohol, you can reduce your risk on several types of cancer. Alcohol is never good for your health. If you think that you are drinking too much, talk to your doctor.  They can help you devise plans that can help you manage your drinking habits.

Do not skip on your vaccines

Vaccines are one of the most important shield that you have against diseases, including cancer. They help your immune system, by creating antibodies when you are exposed to a disease.

Cancer is a very scary disease. And although it cannot be fully prevented, you can make these changes to reduce your risk. If you have a family history of cancer, no matter how insignificant your symptoms can be, never take it for granted. Have yourself checked immediately.

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