Cataract is one of the leading causes of vision loss in the United States. Cataracts affect the lens of the eye when they become cloudy and dense. And this happens naturally over time.


Cataracts are among the most common age-related eye conditions and according to the National Eye Institute, over half of the United States’ population have cataracts by the time they turn 80 years old.



In honor of the Cataract Awareness Month, here are some facts to help us become more aware of this eye disease.

1. Cataracts happen naturally as we age

Cataracts is a common eye disease that happens naturally as we age. This is caused by the proteins in your eyes that have break down and caused things to look blurry and less colorful.

2. Babies can be born with cataracts too

Although very rare, some babies are born with cataracts too, a condition also known as congenital cataracts. This can be caused when the mother had an infection during pregnancy, such as syphilis, chicken pox, and cytomegalovirus.

3. Cataracts can affect both eye

Cataracts can affect both eyes but doesn’t usually form at the same time. Cataract may start to develop at the age of 40 but symptoms won’t show until after 60.

4. Lifestyle and behavior can also play a role in having cataracts

Aside from aging, certain hereditary and physical traits, with certain lifestyle habits can contribute to developing cataracts. Smoking and spending a lot of time under the sun, without eye protection, can also be one of the reasons that you may get cataracts.

5. Surgery as the only treatment for cataracts

Cataracts can lead to vision loss when left untreated, and the only treatment for cataracts is by undergoing surgery. Cataracts can stop growing by they don’t get smaller and cannot heal on their own. Cataract surgery is one of the most common surgical procedures and is recognized as safe and very effective.

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