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Medicines for Weight Loss

Did you know that medications are used for weight loss? But medicine is recommended to help with other weight loss management strategies such as diet and lifestyle changes. While these medications are effective, they have some side effects too.   Keep reading this article to learn more about the medications for weight loss.  

Sleeve Gastrectomy Advantages and Disadvantages

Are you planning sleeve gastrectomy surgery for your weight loss? If yes, Congratulations!!! This is one of the most used bariatric surgeries among all the other weight loss surgeries. But do you know all the benefits and disadvantages of this surgery? So, before making your final decision read this article to learn about whether sleeve gastrectomy surgery is for you or not.  

The Do’s and Don’ts of the 20-20 Bariatric Diet

What is a 20/20 diet?   This 20/20 diet plan is a form of mindful eating, which means you need to enjoy the experience of the food you eat without judging. While eating turn off every distraction, only focus on what you are eating and how it looks, tastes and texture so that you experience eating like never before. It also helps you to generate maximum benefits from food. 

Stress Eating 

Are you the kind of person who starts eating whenever things go wrong? If yes, chances are you are doing stress eating which is bad for your health. This type of eating disorder starts as a craving for junk food and makes you hungrier when you are stressed or bored. Not only weight gain, but you might also develop other diseases if you don’t take care of this eating habit.   Learn how to stop stress eating by reading this article.