Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases: Treatment and Prevention

When talking about lung diseases, you may automatically think about lung cancer. But there are lots of different types of chronic respiratory diseases that can affect the airways and lung tissues. At some point of your life, you will have the need to see a pulmonologist. If you are looking for a pulmonologist around Brooklyn, Brownsville, and East New York, you can contact us or visit our website for Doral Health and Wellness Pulmonary Center.

In this article, let us discuss how COPD is treated and what to do in order to prevent the disease.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a group of diseases that causes blockage in your airflow and some breathing-related problems. Emphysema and chronic bronchitis are two of the most common conditions that can contribute to having COPD. These conditions usually occur together, and its severity can vary among individuals.


Having symptoms that are consistent with symptoms of COPD doesn’t automatically make you have the disease. Your doctor will conduct tests to make the proper diagnosis. These tests can include:

  • Spirometry – this is a breathing test used to check how your lungs are working
  • Chest x-ray – this is a test to check the condition of your lungs, including chest infections
  • Other tests, such as an ECG, echocardiogram, a CT-scan and blood tests


Currently there is no cure for COPD but there are treatments available that can help slow down the progression of the disease and control its symptoms. These treatments can include:

  • Inhalers – usually, COPD can affect your breathing. An inhaler is often advised as it helps deliver the medicine directly to your lungs. Your doctor will teach you the proper use of the inhaler to maximize its effect
  • Medications – if the symptoms are not controlled with inhalers, your doctor might recommend that you take oral medications instead. Some of the oral medications can include steroid tablets, antibiotics and mucolytics
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation – a therapy session that provides different healthcare professionals, such as physiotherapists, nurses and sometimes a dietitian
  • Surgery – surgeries are for patients that symptoms cannot be alleviated by medicines
  • Lung transplant – this is an operation that removes a defective lungs and replaced with a healthy lung from a donor


Cigarette smoking is the number one cause of COPD, hence the best way in preventing the disease. We know that for some smoker, telling them to stop is ridiculous. But you have to keep trying. The best way in preventing COPD is to never smoke, or to stop smoking. Try to do your best in preventing, or at least reduce, damage to your lungs.

Exposure to chemical fumes and dusts is also another risk in developing COPD. If you are exposed to these chemicals because of work, talk to your superiors on how to protect yourself, such as wearing personal protective equipment.

Although there are several medical conditions that has the same symptoms as that of COPD, it is still important that you get a proper diagnosis.

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