Chronic sinusitis is a long-term condition that causes sinus inflammation and infection. The sinus are the spaces inside your head connected by narrow channels. The sinuses are responsible in making thin mucus that drains out of the channels of the nose. The drainage works as a filtration system that keeps the nose clean and bacteria-free.

Chronic sinusitis is different from recurrent sinusitis. Chronic sinusitis’ symptoms never really go away for long periods of time, while recurrent sinusitis happens every 4 or more bouts of sinusitis in one year.



A sinusitis can only be considered chronic after symptoms lasts for 12 weeks or more. But you need to have at least two of these symptoms for your sinusitis to be considered as chronic:

· Difficulty in smelling or tasting foods and drinks

· Dry or hardened mucus causing blocked passages

· Yellow or green mucus

· Postnasal drip

· Tenderness or discomfort in your face, around the eyes, forehead, and cheeks


Other common symptoms of chronic sinusitis can include:

· Throat soreness

· Pain in the eyes

· Soreness in the jaw and throat

· Nauseous

· Halitosis

· Exhaustion

· Cough that gets worse during nighttime

· Headaches due to pressure and swelling of the sinuses



Chronic sinusitis can be caused by several conditions, which can include:

· Infections, which can be bacterial, fungal, or viral, inside the nose, windpipes or lungs

· Polyps, or tissue growths in the nose

· Blocked airways from asthma or other allergies

· Weak immune system



Doctors believe that treating chronic sinusitis is like treating other inflammatory disorder similar to asthma and allergies. Some of these treatment options can include:

· Antibiotics

· Nasal corticosteroids – these drugs can help reduce inflammation and provide some relief from symptoms

· Surgery – some people may need surgery for their chronic sinusitis

· Nasal irrigation – this can include saline sprays, neti pots, and other devices to flush the sinuses with water


There are also home remedies you can try to help prevent and treat chronic sinusitis. These can include:

· Washing of hands frequently to prevent spread of bacteria

· Driving with windows up and air-conditioning on to prevent inhalation of dust and pollution

· Avoid mowing the lawn, especially during allergy season

· Avoid allergens as much as possible

· Use HEPA air filter o air-conditioning systems

· Inhaling steam to loosen blockages and mucus in the sinuses

· Massaging the sinuses gently to reduce pressure

· Drinking plenty of water


Although chronic sinusitis is rarely life-threatening, it can still be dangerous at times. Infections can spread beyond the sinuses. If you have symptoms of sinusitis, especially if your symptoms have lasted for a longer period, consult a doctor immediately.

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