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Dermatology is the medical specialty that focuses on investigating, diagnosing, and treating a spectrum of skin conditions, ranging from pesky rashes and acne to complex disorders such as psoriasis and skin cancer. Explore quick glimpses into the world of common skin conditions we handle at our Brooklyn dermatology clinic. Need a trusted dermatologist in Brooklyn? You’re in good hands at Doral Health and Wellness.


An acne-type rash can occur at any age but affects virtually every teenager. This is because our bodies undergo hormonal changes during our teenage years that cause glands under the skin’s surface to produce excess oil called sebum, which leaves the body through our pores. When the pores are blocked, the oil becomes trapped underneath, causing a pimple to appear.


Eczema is a common inflammatory skin condition predominantly found in children, although it can occur at any age. It is often an allergic reaction characterized by itching, redness, swelling, and scratch marks, but persistent scratching of eczema can cause the skin to thicken, darken and become scaly.

Alopecia Areata

Alopecia areata is characterized by patches of hair loss that typically appear on the scalp. While not physically harmful, alopecia can have a significant psychological impact.

Brooklyn Dermatology Experts

At Doral Health and Wellness Dermatology Center, we believe in providing state-of-the-art technology, courteous professionals, and a welcoming environment to help take care of your skin conditions. Through a host of activities, therapeutic projects, and medical services, our brand-new facility is open to the Brooklyn New York Community members, primarily the East New York Brownsville community.

Providing State-Of-The-Art Technology, Courteous Professionals, And A Welcoming Environment

At Doral Health & Wellness Dermatology Center, we aim to make your visit as convenient and straightforward as we can. We also do our best to make the experience as comfortable as possible. Our experienced team will provide the highest quality care along with all the information you need to understand your condition and treatment options. We can help with all kinds of skin conditions so your skin can always be healthy. Doral Health & Wellness Dermatology Center occupies a fully renovated building. Doral Health and Wellness is outfitted with state-of-the-art medical equipment that includes a 20-bed dialysis suite, a 10-bed infusion suite, procedure rooms, and an outpatient surgical unit. Through a beautiful common area and exercise rooms, our fantastic facility fosters an attractive and comfortable environment for community members, including senior citizens and diabetic patients. As dermatology experts in Brooklyn, New York, we are dedicated to providing the best services. We listen to each patient as a priority while also caring for our patients’ physical and wellness needs. Our staff comprises well-trained professionals who work together to bring you the highest quality of healthcare in a warm, loving, and compassionate environment. We are the best at implementing uniquely tailored and individually specific treatment plans from general dermatology to cosmetic dermatology to keep your skin healthy and beautiful!


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