Doral Health and Wellness Endocrinology Center

Doral offers comprehensive Endocrinology care, specializing in diagnosing and treating disorders related to hormones and the endocrine system.

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Dr. Gilbert Brovar, MD


Dr. Gilbert Brovar, MD, is an experienced endocrinology specialist in Bronx, NY, with over 40 years of experience. Board certified in diabetes, metabolism & endocrinology, he graduated from SUNY Downstate in 1983. Dr. Brovar offers clinic sessions, endocrinology service, and specializes in general adult endocrinology, including fine needle aspiration of the thyroid. Accepting new patients and providing telehealth appointments, he is committed to comprehensive care and excellence in the field.

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Discover the most common endocrine disorders we manage at our Doral Endocrinology Center


At Doral Health & Wellness Endocrinology Center, we offer a range of comprehensive services tailored to meet the needs of individuals and families. Our most common Endocrinology services include:

Diagnosis, treatment, and management of both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.
Addressing hormonal imbalances and deficiencies through appropriate replacement therapies.
Evaluation and treatment of conditions such as hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, and thyroid nodules.
Management of disorders related to metabolism, influencing weight, energy levels, and overall metabolic health.

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I always have a good experience at this Doral medical office. The staff are always extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. I especially appreciate that they have a large TV in their waiting room, as well as a large glass enclosure with beautiful birds.

Fergus O'Daly