Disorders in the function of the heart’s valves are what constitute this disease. Our heart has valves that, in conjunction with one another, regulate the circulation of blood through the chambers of the heart. It is problematic when it does not open or close in the correct manner. As a result, your heart could have difficulties supplying blood to the other parts of your body. The kind and severity of your heart valve disease will determine how you are treated. Surgery to repair or replace a damaged heart valve is sometimes necessary when dealing with heart valve disease. The Best Cardiology Brooklyn can help you with the evaluation and assessment if you have problems with your heart valves. The Heart Doctor in Brooklyn can request ECG and other diagnostic tests in order to detect any valve problems in your heart.


When does heart valve disease show up?

No symptoms may be seen at all in mild to moderate heart valve disease. The most typical manifestations of cardiac valve disease are:


● Dizziness

● Suffering from heartache

● Tingling or fluttering in the chest because of an irregular heartbeat

● Fatigue

● Irregular or painful breathing

● Leg enlargement

● Variable valve disease can cause either low or high blood pressure

● Abdominal discomfort because of a bloated liver (if there is tricuspid valve malfunction)

Heart valve disease symptoms could be mistaken for those of something else. Visit a medical professional regularly for a proper diagnosis.




The chance of developing heart valve disease is increased by a number of variables, including:

● An Older Age ● Cardiovascular disease risk factors include hypertension, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

● Having a history of heart-harming infections

● Having a history of heart problems or a previous history of a heart attack

● Problems with the heart that are evident at birth (congenital heart disease)




The list of potential consequences associated with heart valve dysfunction is long.

● Weak heart

● Stroke

● Clotted blood ● Abnormalities in heart rhythm

● Death



What can I do to keep my heart healthy with a heart valve problem?

The following measures will assist in maintaining heart health and avoiding complications for those who suffer from heart valve conditions:

● Don’t light up

● Reduce your cholesterol and lower your BP

● Eat a diet that contains a lot of fruits and vegetables but is low in saturated and trans fatty acids to protect your heart health ● Do frequent exercise

● Visit your primary care physician regularly to have your heart checked and for other preventive treatments.


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