Home Remedies for Managing Bacterial Vaginosis Naturally

While bacterial vaginosis (BV) is typically treated with antibiotics prescribed by your medical provider, you may opt to explore natural or home remedies to complement medical treatment or manage your symptoms. It is important to note that these remedies are not a substitute for professional medical advice, and anyone experiencing symptoms of bacterial vaginosis should consult with your medical provider for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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Here are some possible natural and home remedies that you may consider:

  • Probiotics
    • Oral probiotics — Probiotics, particularly those containing Lactobacillus species, can help restore the balance of bacteria in your vagina. These can be taken orally as supplements, or as prescribed by your medical provider.
    • Probiotic-rich foods — Consuming foods that are rich in probiotics, such as yogurt with live cultures, kefir, and fermented foods, may support your gut and vaginal health.
  • Boric Acid Suppositories — Some studies suggest that boric acid suppositories can be effective in managing bacterial vaginosis symptoms. However, it is important to use boric acid cautiously, as incorrect use can be harmful. Make sure to consult with your medical provider first trying this remedy.
  • Maintain Vaginal pH
    • Avoid harsh cleansers — Use mild, fragrance-free soaps to clean your genital area and also make sure to avoid douching, as it can affect  the natural pH balance of your vagina.
    • Limit bubble baths — Reduce the frequency of your bubble baths, as certain products may irritate your genital area.
  • Hygiene Practices
    • Wear breathable fabrics — Choose cotton underwear and avoid tight-fitting pants to allow better airflow.
    • Change wet clothes — Change out of wet clothes immediately, such as after swimming or after gym.
  • Dietary Considerations
    • Balanced diet — Maintain a healthy and balanced diet to support overall immunity  function and well-being.
    • Hydration — Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  • Tea Tree Oil — You use diluted tea tree oil applied to a tampon for short-term relief of symptoms for bacterial vaginosis. However, this should be done cautiously, as tea tree oil can cause irritation in some cases.
  • Garlic — Garlic is believed to have natural antimicrobial properties. You may consume raw garlic or use garlic supplements.
  • Vitamin — Adequate vitamin C intake may support your immune health. You may use vitamin C supplements or consume foods rich in vitamin C.
  • Maintain Sexual Health — Using barrier protection methods, such as condoms, during sexual activity may help reduce the risk of bacterial vaginosis.

It is important to apply natural and home remedies with caution and to consult with your medical provider before trying any new remedy, especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have underlying health conditions. Unsupervised or incorrect use of these remedies, or any remedies for that matter, can potentially worsen your symptoms or lead to complications. Additionally, your medical provider can provide guidance on maintaining your vaginal health and prevent possible recurrent infections.

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