How obesity affects your well-being?

Do you know, nearly half of U.S. people who are obese suffer from stigma? Weight stigma is an act of discrimination towards individuals because of their weight and size. This stigma of obesity can affect the majority of people who are obese. This not only impacts mental health but physical health also because it produces negative thoughts and feelings that interfere with obesity treatment. That’s why you must know how you deal with the stigma of obesity to improve your quality of life and focus on your weight loss goals. Log on to to know more about weight loss surgery. 

Learn the ways obesity can affect you in this article.  

How does weight affect your emotional and social well-being? 

Gaining weight not only impacts you physically but emotionally and socially as well.  

Emotional effects 

When people make poor lifestyle and diet choices it often comes from their thoughts and emotions. Usually, when people feel depressed, anxious, or stressed they want to overcome their negative thought patterns, for which people start relying on overeating fat and sugary food products. Not only that, but researchers also compare obesity with other addictions like alcohol and drugs because they cause the same effect on people. So, if you are a person who suffers from a negative thought process, coupled with depression and stress, then you are most likely to indulge in overeating or develop alcohol and drug addiction. 

Obese people are also more vulnerable to external cues in comparison to leaner people because they rely on their own internal system to tell themselves that they eat enough. These similarities are also found in drug and alcohol addiction, people experience the same challenges and thoughts as obese people. So, unless the person fights the emotional aspects of overeating, dealing with obesity will be difficult. This way people start binge eating and stress eating to overcome their sense of loss, sadness, and negative aspects of life they are dealing with.  

Social effects  

Not only physical and emotional effects, but obesity also causes social effects too. It happens because obesity causes challenges in a person’s life. When a person is diagnosed with obesity, they have to fight challenges like staying away from certain foods at home or parties, not being able to perform long and strenuous physical activities, and some people making fun of them. These issues need to be solved with the help of everyone because they cause emotional trauma to the person who suffers from this condition.  

Nearly half of Americans are either overweight or obese. So, instead of becoming insensitive towards them, people need to help them cope with obesity. According to the American Journal of Public Health, the stigmatization of obese individuals causes health disparities, interferes with their obesity intervention efforts, and threatens health. This shows how weight stigma is both a social justice issue and a priority problem for public health.  

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