Hypothyroidism and high cholesterol- is there a link?

Did you know, an underactive thyroid is linked with high cholesterol levels? In fact, in studies, it is seen that 13% of people with high cholesterol levels also have an underactive thyroid. So, what is the link between them? What should you do? 

Learn how hypothyroidism is linked with high cholesterol and how to manage it in this article.  

Hypothyroidism and high cholesterol 

Hypothyroidism and high cholesterol levels are more closely related than you think. Hypothyroidism happens when there is a drop in the production of thyroid hormones. Thyroid hormones perform many functions in the body including removing excess (bad) cholesterol from the body. 

Thyroid hormone, especially T3, stimulates the liver to remove excess cholesterol from the body to prevent problems such as narrowing the arteries, stroke, heart attack, mini-stroke, and peripheral arterial disease. 

Due to certain factors and conditions, when your body is not producing enough thyroid hormones, these functions don’t carry out properly and increase the risk of high cholesterol especially, LDL (Low-density cholesterol) and triglycerides.  

According to many studies, around 13% of people with high blood cholesterol also have underactive thyroid.  

Similarly, hyperthyroidism can decrease your cholesterol levels as way too much thyroid hormone can reduce excess amounts of cholesterol. So, any effect on thyroid hormone can impact your cholesterol levels.  

What to do?  

You can manage both thyroid hormones and high cholesterol levels with treatment. Doctors create your treatment plan after diagnosing your condition. Usually, your treatment is done with medications to improve your thyroid and cholesterol levels.
A large study shows that people with hypothyroidism and high cholesterol can be treated together, as you treat thyroid problems it improves cholesterol levels 60% of the time. 

Usually, doctors recommend the drug levothyroxine as a thyroid replacement medication to improve your thyroid levels. In certain cases, levothyroxine doesn’t improve cholesterol levels as required, so, you may need to take certain medications such as:  

  • Statins such as Lipitor or Crestor 
  • Zetia 
  • PCSK9 inhibitors such as Repatha and Praluent  

Hypothyroidism is linked with high cholesterol levels because thyroid hormones can manage many functions and one of them is to remove the excess cholesterol levels. Any impact on thyroid hormones can directly impact cholesterol levels. However, thyroid problems with cholesterol levels are treatable with medications. In most cases, thyroid problem treatment can improve your cholesterol levels and sometimes, to improve cholesterol levels you may need to take cholesterol-treating medications.  

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