Integrated Care: How Family Medicine Coordinates Health for the Whole Family

Getting a family medicine physician is an exceptionally good approach to maintain your family’s health. As the physician actively engages with each family member and creates a supportive space to understand and discuss health concerns. They provide early diagnosis and treatment options that lower your risk of visiting emergency rooms. They also maintain your medical history and diagnostic data if you need to see another medical specialist or other healthcare provider. Learn more about how Family medicine provides integrated care in this article.

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How does Family Medicine Coordinate Health for the Whole Family?

Here are the major duties of the family medicine doctor:

  • Give an appropriate assessment of a patient’s health status, ranging from focused to comprehensive (based on the setting).
  • Give comprehensive medical care, including diagnosis and nonsurgical treatment of diseases, common health problems, such as infections, influenza, and pneumonia, as well as serious, chronic, and complex illnesses for patients of all ages.
  • Give prenatal care for uncomplicated OB patients.
  • Monitor patient’s conditions and progress then reevaluate treatments if needed.
  • Explain procedures and discuss your test results and prescribed required treatment.
  • Advise patients and community members for their diet, activity, hygiene, and disease prevention and educate patients about preventative measures to avoid illness.
  • They collect records and maintain patient information such as medical history, reports, and examination results and prepare reports that are related to their workup.
  • They refer patients to other medical specialists or other practitioners when necessary.
  • Prescribe medication according to their professional practice guidelines.
  • They give vaccination to boost patients’ immunization to protect them from preventable diseases.
  • They perform diagnostic tests and procedures and therapeutic procedures, within the scope of practice, including but not limited to venipuncture, intradermal tests, intramuscular and subcutaneous injections, electro-cardiogram, application of dressings and bandages, administration of medications, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, auditory screening, visual screening, and aseptic techniques.
  • They analyze accumulated health information and collect additional observational, interview, historical, physical examination, and diagnostic data to create the treatment plan as required.
  • They also have a working knowledge of ICD10, CPT, and HCPCS coding and managed care and are available for training if necessary.
  • Maintain and complete patients’ health records and close it within 48 hours (about 2 days) and by the end of the service week.
  • They are flexible to work on different sites.
  • Also provide on-call or weekend services if needed.
  • They also provide infants and children care.

What to expect from your consultations?

A family medicine consultation provides a compassionate environment that fosters trust and understanding. The physician will engage with each family member to create a supportive space to discuss health concerns. They will listen, value your needs and histories of every individual. Through open dialogue, they address your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. They conduct thorough assessments to explain medical conditions, treatment options, and preventive care strategies.

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