Kidney Infection: Treatment and Prevention

A kidney infection is a type of urinary tract infection, usually caused by cystitis. Although not all people who have cystitis get a kidney infection. The bacteria that caused cystitis can move from the bladder into the kidney. This infection can affect one or both of your kidneys. Kidney infection is also called pyelonephritis. 

Your kidney is the organ that removes waste and extra fluid in the body. It also removes acid produced by the cells of the body and maintains a healthy balance of water, salt, and minerals in the blood. Your kidneys play a vital role in maintaining your blood pressure, electrolyte balance, hemoglobin levels, and many more. If you notice signs and symptoms of kidney infection, visit us at Doral Health and Wellness and consult with the best nephrologists and urologists in East New York 



If you have a kidney infection, you need to be treated with an antibiotic to stop the infection from further damaging your kidneys or to keep it from spreading to your bloodstream. You may also need to take painkillers to manage the pain. 

In severe cases, you need to stay in the hospital and get antibiotics from an IV drip. You will feel better in about a week or two after your treatment starts. But if you have an underlying condition, it may take a little longer for you to recover.  



You can reduce your risk of developing a kidney infection by taking simple steps to prevent urinary tract infections. You can: 

  • Drink plenty of fluids, plain water is mostly recommended, as fluids can help remove the bacteria in your body when you urinate. 
  • Pee as soon as you feel the urge to urinate. 
  • Empty your bladder after sexual intercourse. Urinating after sex will help clear bacteria from your urethra, thus decreasing your risk of infection. 
  • Wipe front to back after urinating. This will help stop or prevent the bacteria from spreading to your urethra. 
  • Avoid using deodorant sprays on your genital area. 

 If treated right away, kidney infections will not cause any serious harm. But if it is not treated, it can get worse and cause permanent kidney damage. Also, if you keep on getting urinary tract infections, it is best that you have them treated right away to prevent the infection from spreading to your kidneys. 


If you have symptoms of kidney issues, talk to your doctor so you can devise a proper treatment plan for your condition. Never take any symptoms of kidney problems for granted. It is better to have it checked early on before it progresses. At Doral Health and Wellness, our team of nephrologists will work with you in managing your disease and your quality of life. To schedule an appointment, please visit us at 1797 Pitkin Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11212, or call 1-347-384-5690. You can also visit our website at, or contact us at if you have any queries.