Managing Diabetes

Your primary physician plays a very important role in helping you stay healthy. They provide care for preventing, treating, and curing illness as well as promoting better health. A primary care physician is the one you turn to if you have the flu or fever, or if you need help managing your blood sugar level or diabetes.  

“Diabetes is a hormonal disease that affects blood sugar levels. In your body, there is a hormone called insulin that helps control your blood sugar levels. Diabetes happens when the body doesn’t make enough insulin or can’t use it properly. If your blood sugar levels are too high over a prolonged period, it increases your chances of having a stroke or a heart attack, and damages your kidneys, eyes, and nerves.” 

Your primary care physician will be the first doctor you see for your diabetes. He may also be the one to catch on your diabetes diagnosis. He will be the one to provide routine lab tests and physical exams. Your primary care physician will help learn the basic care and also offer you support as you manage your condition. You may also want to know what time of diabetes you have to properly manage your condition.  Your primary care physician will test you to confirm if you the type 1, type 2, or gestational diabetes. These tests may include the A1C test, a fasting blood sugar test, a glucose tolerance test, or a random blood sugar test. 

Having diabetes will pose a serious health complication in your life. A change in lifestyle and diet is a great help to your well-being. You may also want to schedule at least four diabetes check-ups per year in addition to your annual physical exam.  

The American population has doubled the number of people diagnosed with diabetes. More people are classified as obese which usually preludes to diabetes. So having your primary care physician is important in educating you on how to best manage and treat you altogether from your condition by setting up a dietary plan, physical activities, and medication. 

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