Mental Health Urgent Care: Your Guide to Accessing Immediate Support in Brooklyn

Did you know that due to severe depression, 850,000 deaths happen every year from suicide? Not only depression but several other mental health conditions need immediate medical attention to prevent complications and give stability to live a better life. For that, urgent mental health care centers come into play. Their main goal is to provide short-term treatment to improve the current symptoms and give long-term treatment and tips to manage your condition. Learn when you need urgent mental health care and what you should expect from them. Visit the best Mental Health Clinic in Brooklyn at Doral Health & Wellness or log on to  

When do you need urgent mental health care? 

There are some signs that you need urgent mental health care from a professional mental health doctor. It includes: 

  • When you’re experiencing unbearable stress: Stress is a normal body response to anything that may feel threatening. In the stress response, our body activates the flight-or-fight mechanism. Stress can be caused by major life changes such as divorce, chronic medical conditions, work-related pressure, and financial issues. However, as this stress becomes more severe and consistent it can negatively affect your physical health and cause symptoms such as: 
  • Headaches 
  • Gastrointestinal issues 
  • Muscle pain 
  • Weaken immune system 
  • Sleep issues 
  • Stress eating 
  • Certain hormonal imbalances 

Over time, these symptoms may lead to chronic conditions such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, etc. So, having prolonged stress needs to be addressed immediately to avoid these complications.  

  • Anxiety that makes you weak: Anxiety is similar to stress, the brain considers it a perceived threat, which also affects your health and causes symptoms such as:  
  • Increased heart rate 
  • Difficulty breathing 
  • Feeling nervous 
  • Dizziness 
  • Headaches and other body parts pain.  
  • Hot flashes 

Anxiety mostly occurs from a stressful event that resolves over time. However, if you develop an anxiety disorder, then it causes repetitive worry even when the threat is no longer present and makes you unable to function normally. That’s why if your anxiety is making you weak then you should urgently help to prevent its complications.  

  • Chronic depression: Depression is the most common mental health disorder that negatively affects your ability to function. It affects neurons’ connection to other neurons in the brain which affect their respective function. You may experience symptoms such as:  
  • Social withdrawal 
  • Poor sleeping 
  • Weight changes 
  • Pain and aches in your head, back, legs, etc.  

Severe depression can also lead to suicidal thoughts and self-harm. That’s why it’s required urgent medical care if you’re experiencing severe depression.  

  • Experiencing mania episodes of extreme emotions: Mania can occur due to many reasons such as chemical imbalances in the brain, family history, medication side effects, or difficult life changes. It can cause extreme emotional highs or lows which makes the person uncontrollable. You may experience symptoms such as:  
  • Racing thoughts 
  • Rapid speech 
  • Irritability 
  • Paranoia 

Mania episodes are an indicator of bipolar I or schizoaffective disorder. This can affect your ability to function normally every day. If you have mania symptoms, then you should seek medical help to manage the symptoms before they become too severe.

What to expect at a mental health urgent care support center? 

When you visit a mental health urgent care center, these are the things you can expect. 

  • A public safety officer might check you and the person who comes with you for security reasons. You need to go through a metal detection machine.  
  • To register as a patient, you need to fill in a form for ID and an insurance card.  
  • You need to fill out a brief questionnaire form which can be used to diagnose you and confirm your contact information. According to information given about your symptoms and any previous mental health condition, they tell you which mental health doctor you should visit. You may need to wait in the waiting room if your doctor is busy.  
  • The doctor listens to your concerns and takes you to a private room for an evaluation. After completing the evaluation, your doctor creates a treatment plan to improve your condition. You may need to stay in the hospital for several days or you can go home with medications and follow lifestyle changes to improve your condition. After that, you need to visit the center regularly to monitor your condition.  
  • In case you experience severe symptoms, a medical team will take you to the emergency room to examine your symptoms and give immediate short-term treatment to prevent further complications and manage your condition. You may need to stay in the hospital for a day or several days. After that, your treatment will change into long-term treatment to manage your condition

Mental urgent care is the clinical service for patients who need immediate medical attention for their mental health condition. It provides services such as mental health screening, referral services, and short-term treatment. Their main aim is to make patients recover and maintain stability in their lives. If you experience any of the above-mentioned symptoms then, you should visit a mental health urgent care center.   

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