Mental Health


Mental health is something that most people care less about, but it impacts all areas of a person’s life. Mental health includes your psychological, emotional, or social well-being which affects how you think, act, or feel in different life situations. It determines how you handle your relationships with others, your stress, and your life choices. Mental health plays a key role throughout your life because every choice you make from childhood to adolescence through adulthood is affected by it. Today many people suffer from mental health problems, but they don’t know the reason behind them. Lack of awareness about mental health is the reason why people have mental health problems they don’t know about. Visit the best Mental Health Clinic in Brooklyn at Doral Health & Wellness or log on to 

Keep reading this article to learn the importance of mental health in life.  

Why is mental health important? 

Mental health is something that impacts our social, emotional, physical, and cognitive well-being. Many people don’t receive treatment when they are struggling with mental health problems because of the stigma associated with mental health problems. Some of them don’t even know that there is treatment available for mental health problems. When these people suffer quietly, they start feeling lonely and depressed. And this depression leads to suicidal thoughts and/or suicide. Suicide is one of the top 3 causes of death in the US every year. And this rate has been increasing in recent years. This not only applies to the lower and middle-class but also to the people of the elite class too. Every suicide is a tragedy and death by suicide puts a major impact on the people who are related to the victim. However, when we create awareness about mental health problems, people start to become aware of their problems and know how to look for treatment, and then, they start to look at their life with a new perspective.  

Common signs of mental health disorders 

Mental health disorders cause different signs and symptoms (which can vary from person to person). But here are some common signs found in people with mental health disorders:  

  • Start to stay away from people or social activities. 
  • Start eating too much or too little.  
  • Sleeping too much or too little.  
  • Feel exhausted or tired every time.  
  • Feel hopeless and numb.  
  • Start to drink more alcohol, smoke cigarettes, or take drugs.  
  • Get irritated or angry easily.  
  • Experience severe mood swings that cause issues in relationships.  
  • Have hallucinations or delusions about things that don’t exist.  
  • Have unexplained aches and pains.  
  • Look confused, forgetful, upset, angry, scared, or worried. 
  • Have suicidal thoughts. 
  • Missing school or college and avoiding their work.  
  • Start living in isolation.  
  • Start feeling unworthy of living.  
  • Loss of interest in the activities that they once enjoyed.  
  • Having persistent thoughts or memories which you can’t get out of your head. 

If someone has 2 or more similar signs, then he/she might be suffering from mental health problems. Try to approach them in a friendly way, listen to them without judging, and take them to a mental health clinic or hospital for their treatment. And support them throughout their treatment.  

Tips to promote mental health 

You should visit a psychiatrist or mental health counselor to get treatment to improve your mental health problems. There are some tips you should follow to promote your mental health:  

  • Connect yourself with people. So, that you can share your feelings and uneasiness with them.  
  • Stay positive. This can help your mental health to find the solution to the problem you experience.  
  • Getting physically active. Go to the gym or do any physical activities in your daily life to improve your mental state and sleeping quality.  
  • Help others. This makes you feel better about yourself.  
  • Learn coping skills so that you can easily manage your stressful events in life.  
  • Get enough sleep which improves your mental and emotional state.  
  • Pay attention to the symptoms you’re experiencing. It helps you to get early diagnoses and treatments to improve your mental health.  
  • Learning about and creating awareness about mental health will help you to manage your mental health problems on your own.  

Mental health is something you should not ignore as it affects our physical, emotional, social, and well-being. Good mental health is important to make healthy choices in life to achieve greater things in life. And bad mental health can lead to self-harm or suicide. So, you must follow the above-mentioned tips to improve your mental health and if you’re suffering from a mental health problem then, visit a psychiatrist doctor, or mental health counselor for treatment.  

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