Do you want to know how to live blissfully without any worries? Live in the present moment, be Mindful! Let’s learn more about mindfulness in this article.  

  • What is “mindfulness”? 

The practice that makes you focused on the present moment without any wandering thoughts and judgments is called Mindfulness.  

  • Why is it important for you?  

 As humans we let thoughts run wild in our minds. We can jump from good to bad thoughts in a split second. These thoughts may be confusing and scary and may affect our happiness, work, studies, and most importantly our health. So, to keep our minds at peace (focused and happy with the present moment), we need to practice mindfulness.  

Mindfulness has lots of benefits, like:  

  1. Reduces your stress levels: – According to more than 200 studies on mindfulness, people who practice mindfulness have low or zero stress in their lives. Doctors and therapists also use mindfulness techniques to manage psychological problems like anxiety and depression.  
  2. Makes you Happier: – Yes, you can always be in a happy state of mind through mindfulness practices.  
  3. Increase the power of working memory: – By mindfulness practices, you increase the power of your working memory as well as the overall health of your brain. As a result, your focus improves. 
  4. Increase cognitive flexibility: – Research shows that people who perform mindful meditation develop the skill of self-observation and dis-engagement from negative thoughts, re-wiring their brains.  
  5. Improve your overall health: – Scientists have discovered that mindfulness can improve your overall health in several ways (like stress relief, improved heart health, reduced chronic pains, and improved sleep). 

Mindful Awareness: Basic Exercises 

A few basic techniques of mindfulness are: 

  1. Mindful Breathing: – One of the easiest exercises to do; you just need to focus on your breathing. With each breath, celebrate the joy of being alive! Breathe as you want. A long, deep breath or a short one, it doesn’t matter, when you are enjoying it. 
  2. Concentrate on each breath: – While you are mindful of your breathing, follow each breath from the beginning to the end. As you concentrate on your breathing, you train your mind to focus and build a stronger brain and a better you! 
  3. Awareness of your body: – The third exercise is to make your body aware of what your mind is doing. When you breathe, say out loud (or in your head)- “I am aware of my body.” As you focus you feel more at peace in the present moment. 
  4. Tension release: – The fourth exercise helps release any/all tension and stiffness in your body. You can do this in any position- sitting, walking, or lying position. What you need to do is relax and do mindful breathing. As you breathe you can say “I release tension from my body.” And you feel all old pains and aches fading away and feel more energetic and alive!
  5. Walking Meditation: – Yes, you can be mindful when taking a walk too! Go to your garden, or a quiet place and walk slowly, enjoying the experience. Take in your surroundings and with every step, imagine that you are bringing peace and joy to yourself. 

The Takeaway 

Once you know how to live in the moment, you enjoy life to the fullest! As you tune into mindfulness techniques, you become more productive and achieve a balance between your mind and body.   
Mindfulness has also shown to help with a number of conditions, including stress, anxiety, depression, addictive behaviors, and physical problems like hypertension, heart disease and chronic pain. If you need health with your mental and behavioral health, please feel free to talk to us for more information. Call us today at 929-500-2315.