Most Common Warning Signs for Atrial Fibrillation 


Blood clots in the heart are a potential complication of atrial fibrillation, an arrhythmia characterized by an erratic and, at times, extremely fast heartbeat. It increases the risk of cerebrovascular disease, cardiac problems, and other cardiovascular complications. The Best Cardiology Brooklyn can help you with the evaluation and assessment if you have this condition. The Heart Doctor in Brooklyn can request ECG and other diagnostic tests to diagnose and prevent this abnormal rhythm. 

In atrial fibrillation, the atria of the heart beat erratically and irregularly and are not in time with the ventricles. Many people with atrial fibrillation have no warning signs at all. However, symptoms of atrial fibrillation include palpitations, difficulty breathing, and fatigue. 

The occurrence of atrial fibrillation episodes might be intermittent or chronic. Although atrial fibrillation seldom results in death, it is a medical emergency that must be treated to avoid stroke. Multiple alternatives exist for treating atrial fibrillation, including medication, treatments to correct cardiac rhythm, and catheter-based procedures to suppress erroneous cardiac impulses. 

Clinical Manifestations 

It has other typical symptoms as well. In certain cases, a physical examination is the only way to diagnose atrial fibrillation in a patient who has no symptoms. And yet, the following symptoms could affect others: 

  • Weakness in the population as a whole 
  • Dizziness 
  • Swerving, erratic pulse 
  • “Thumping” or “fluttering” sensation in the chest 
  • Feelings of dizziness or fainting 
  • Anxiety and shortness of breath 
  • Weakness 
  • Sweating 
  • Exercise-induced fatigue 
  • Pressure or pain in the chest 

Atrial fibrillation may indicate: 

Occasional atrial fibrillation 

Symptoms of atrial fibrillation might last anywhere from only a few minutes to a few hours. Symptoms can last for up to a week at a time, and recurrence is common. Symptoms may improve without treatment. The infrequent Afib sufferer may still require treatment. 


A normal heartbeat does not return on its own with this form of atrial fibrillation. Cardioversion or drug treatment may be utilized to regain and keep a normal heart rate in patients exhibiting symptoms of atrial fibrillation. 

The determination that has been around for a while 

Long-lasting atrial fibrillation occurs when symptoms persist for more than a year. 


The abnormal heart rhythm in this form of atrial fibrillation cannot be treated. Medication is required for heart rate regulation and blood clot prevention. 


It is atrial fibrillation that is not related to a problem with the heart valves. 

Preventative Measures 

Preventing heart disease and, potentially, atrial fibrillation is possible through adopting a healthy lifestyle. Listed below are some fundamental recommendations for maintaining cardiovascular health: 

  • Forget about smoking 
  • Have healthy habits and eat nutritious food 
  • Don’t drink too much or get too much caffeine 
  • Maintain a healthy weight by exercising regularly 
  • Control your anger and stress levels; these might trigger cardiac rhythm issues if left unchecked. 

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