Myopia, or also known as nearsightedness, is a vision disorder that affects your distance vision. You can clearly see objects that are very near but will be having a hard time viewing objects that are far.

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The most common symptom for myopia is that distant objects become blurred. You may also notice:

· Having eyestrain

· Squinting

· Headaches

· Close items appear to be much clearer

· Tiredness when driving

· Faraway object looks blurry



Having myopia means that one or both of your parents is more likely to have myopia too. Although researchers don’t exactly know the exact cause of myopia, it is believed that it is a mix of hereditary and environmental factors. You may have inherited this condition and has developed it because of your lifestyle choices. One example of these choices is because of your work, you may have been reading or working in front of a computer all day, these every day activities could be the one responsible of your myopia.


It is also important to note that myopia gets worse as you age. It can also happen due to visual stress or a disease like diabetes.




One of the best and most common treatment for myopia is having a prescription glass or contact lenses. If you are an adult, you can also opt for refractive surgery that can correct your myopia.


· Eyeglasses – this will help you see clearly depending on the degree of vision correction that you need. With myopia, you might only need to wear eyeglasses when you are driving. Or might need eyeglasses to constantly see clearly.

· Contact lenses – you might also want to consider wearing contact lenses for your myopia. Some claims that with contact lenses, the distance vision is sharper and wider. But the

potential downside of having to wear contact lenses is that they require more care to keep them clean always.

· LASIK – this procedure involves cutting a flap through the top of your cornea, using a laser, to reshape the inner corneal tissue and then dropping the flap back into place

· Phakic intraocular lenses – this procedure involves a surgical procedure where your ophthalmologist will insert a new lens in your eyes, replacing your old and natural one

· Vision therapy – this is an option if your myopia is caused by spasms of your focusing muscles. This will also help you strengthen your muscle through eye exercises to improve your focus.




There are certain steps that you can follow to support your eye health. Try these steps to take care of your eye health:

· Wearing of sunglasses when going outdoors

· Don’t read in a dim lit room

· Limit time when using digital devices

· Take breaks to stretch your eye muscles

· Wear protective eye gear when doing your favorite sport or hobbies

· Go to your regular eye exams


It is important that you take time in caring for your eyes. Don’t spend too much time on your mobile phones or computer screens. Always keep your habits healthy.


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