Preventing Osteoporosis: Diet, Exercise, and Lifestyle Tips

Did you know osteoporosis is more common than you think, affecting around 10 million people (about half the population of New York) in the US? It is a disorder that makes bones fragile and brittle, which increases your risk of fractures even with little stress. This also raises the concern for adults who are 50 years or older. While it’s a common condition, it is preventable. Learn 5 major tips to prevent osteoporosis which allows you to keep your bones healthy with the help of this article.

Tips to prevent osteoporosis

Here are some tips to prevent osteoporosis and keep your bones healthy:

  1. Add calcium and vitamin D to your diet:

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is recommended for everyone. Still, to maintain good bone health you need to add calcium and vitamin D to your diet. Calcium is the main mineral in your bone that makes it stronger and vitamin D allows your body to absorb calcium. That’s why having both of them in your diet is necessary to keep your bones healthy.

Adults need 700 mg of calcium a day from their daily diet and 15 mg of vitamin D per day is needed to maintain good bone health.

Here are some calcium-rich foods:

  • Dry fruits, seeds, and nuts
  • Tofu
  • Dairy products such as milk, cheese, and yogurt
  • Leafy green vegetables

You can complete your vitamin D by going outside and taking sunlight. However, if you can’t go outside or in your area, there’s no sunlight, then you can get vitamin D from these food sources:

  • Red meat
  • Liver
  • Oily fish such as salmon, sardines, herring, and mackerel
  • Dietary supplements
  • Egg yolks
  • Fortified foods such as cereals or whole grains
  • Dietary supplements

If you’re not getting enough vitamin D or calcium from foods alone, you can ask your doctor to recommend supplements that help you complete your nutritional requirements.

  • Weight-training exercise:

Weight-bearing exercises are exercises that involve your feet and legs to support your weight. These exercises can strengthen your bones and keep you healthy in the long run.

High-impact weight-bearing exercises, such as running, skipping, dancing, aerobics, and even jumping on the spot can be useful to strengthen all your muscles, ligaments, and joints. Remember, when exercising always wear footwear that provides your ankles and feet adequate support such as trainers and sports shoes.

People over 60 can also get benefits from regular weight-bearing exercises which include brisk walking, or a game of tennis. Every day just for 30 minutes doing these exercises can keep your bones healthy. For better recommendations, you can consult with your healthcare provider about the type of exercises you should add to your routine.

  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol:

Smoking can increase your risk of osteoporosis because nicotine is toxic to bones. So, if you smoke, over time it can damage your bones and lead to osteoporosis. So, avoid smoking or take a doctor’s help to quit smoking.

Similarly, excessive drinking of alcohol can cause bone loss over time. That’s why to prevent or lower the risk of bone loss, drink alcohol in moderation. You should not drink more than 14 units of alcohol a week which means only 1 or 2 drinks a week.

  • Maintain a healthy weight:

When you are under or overweight, it can interfere with your bone health and increase your risk of fractures. That’s why you should maintain a healthy weight by talking with your doctor or nutritionist who can give you tips for weight gain or loss according to your age and overall health.

  • Talk with your doctor:

If you have early signs of osteoporosis or get a fracture, then you should talk with a doctor about how to manage your bone loss and get treatment. Even without osteoporosis, your doctor can play a significant role in maintaining your bone health by guiding you about diet, exercise, and lifestyle. That’s why you should see your doctor regularly to examine your bone health and get suggestions for good bone health.

Osteoporosis is a common bone disorder that makes your bones weak and brittle which increases your risk of fractures even with mild stress on them. But the good news is, it’s preventable. Follow the tips mentioned above to prevent osteoporosis and maintain good bone health.

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