Suicidal Feelings & Thoughts

Are you having dark thoughts these days because things in your life are going sideways? If yes, you need immediate help because these thoughts might become a reason that you lose your life.  

These thoughts are the leading cause that leads to suicide. And suicide is the 4th major cause behind the death of teenagers between the age group of 15 to 19. Every year more than 700,000 people (about half the population of Hawaii) commit suicide.  

So, it is particularly important to know how you can get rid of these thoughts and what exactly the reason behind these thoughts is.  

The International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) and the World Health Organization (WHO) organizes World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) annually on September 10th. 

Keep reading this article to get an insight into suicidal thoughts.  

Suicidal thoughts mean thinking or planning to do suicide, though having self-harm thoughts doesn’t always end up with suicide. Many people who have these thoughts might be in a situation in life they cannot manage or cope with. Having suicidal thoughts makes you feel that suicide is the only way to escape from this situation or solve all your problems. This is far from the truth. And you need to understand that thoughts and feelings change according to time. So, you need to learn how to control these thoughts so that you don’t take any rash decisions in your life.  


These suicidal thoughts come when you are going through a situation that feels unmanageable or hard to cope with. This could be anything such as a monetary crisis, break-up, death in the family, loss of job, abuse, trauma, etc.  

Other causes that can lead you to have suicidal thoughts are:  

  • A family history of trauma, violence, neglect, or child abuse.  
  • Mental health disorders. 
  • Hopelessness. 
  • Being lonely for a long time. 
  • Having no social life or friends. 
  • Having physical or mental illness. 
  • Stress due to discrimination or prejudice. 
  • Losing your money or house due to a financial crisis. 
  • Knowing or following someone who is suicidal. 
  • Not seeking help because of fear. 
  • Taking drugs and alcohol. 
  • Suffering from past trauma that is done to your communities and cultures. 
  • Suffering from racism. 
  • Feeling like a failure. 
  • Being imprisoned. 
  • Being exposed to graphical suicides. 
  • Doubts about your sexuality. Parents or communities do not allow people to be open and marry gays or bisexuals.  
  • Pregnancy or childbirth from sexual abuse. 

Maybe you are unsure what is causing your suicidal thoughts. Just keep one thing in mind, there is help available for you.  


  • Feel trapped or hopeless. 
  • Lost all hope in life. 
  • Intolerable emotional pain. 
  • Preoccupied with older memories of violence, abuse, or death. 
  • Constant changing moods (either sad or happy). 
  • Talking about failures or shame. 
  • High levels of anxiety. 
  • Isolating yourself. 
  • Engaging in risk-taking behavior (such as driving recklessly). 
  • Feeling or talking about being a burden on others. 
  • Loss of interest in pleasurable activities like picnics, walking, exercising, etc. 
  • Being depressed or having panic attacks. 
  • Saying goodbyes to other people. 
  • Self-criticism. 
  • Having regrets about being born. 
  • Using drugs or alcohol in massive quantities. 
  • Giving your belongings to other people. 

These signs can vary from person to person. Some people make their intention clear, while some are good at hiding their feelings.  

Getting help 

Having suicidal thoughts means it is time for you to seek help. Because these thoughts are extremely dangerous for you. You should take counseling or therapy to remove these kinds of thoughts from your mind. Combinations of medications with therapy help you to remove these thoughts.  

Antidepressant medications help you manage your stress, depression, and anxiety. But medications do not have any effect on your thoughts. For that, you need to take counseling or therapies like family therapies, cognitive-negative therapy, etc. These therapies or counseling directly affect your mental state and remove your suicidal thoughts.  

If you have severe suicidal thoughts, call 911 to avoid self-harm. These guides not only save your life but provide financial help or counseling to make sure you don’t get those thoughts again.  

Suicidal thoughts are the base cause of suicide. Which is not only dangerous for you but your family too. Not all thoughts take you to suicide. But you should avoid them. You should share your feelings with your family or friends instead of making yourself isolated or ignoring the symptoms. Avoid substances like alcohol or drugs that put negative effects on your brain.  

If you still have suicidal thoughts visit a psychiatrist to take treatment or counseling or take therapies to stabilize your thoughts. If you are feeling aggressive or having suicidal thoughts, you should call the hotline to help you before you take that dangerous step.  

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