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Common food-borne illnesses

Foodborne infections are caused by bacteria and parasites (which are already present in food at minute levels) that become more prevalent due to inappropriate handling, cooking, and storage. Discover the most typical foodborne illnesses and how to avoid them. Log on to http://www.infectiousdiseasedoctor.net/  for a consultation.  Here is a list of the most common food-borne […]
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Botulism: Diagnosis, and Treatment

The bacteria Clostridium botulinum causes the deadly sickness known as botulism. The bacteria secrete a poison (toxin) that can damage the nervous system in your body. Botulism can be lethal if ignored. Drooping eyelids and other symptoms that affect your face, eyes, and throat muscles may be symptoms. It may eventually impact breathing-related muscles.   If […]
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Botulism: Causes and symptoms

Did you recently get a cut while playing in the park? Have you been experiencing stomach pain, difficulty breathing, and dry mouth since then? These might be the signs of a deadly infection, Botulism. Although very rare, it can be deadly.   Log on to http://www.infectiousdiseasedoctor.net/  for a consultation.  Read along to know more.  Botulism, […]
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Different Types of Actinomycosis infections

Actinomycosis infection is caused by actinomyces bacteria which is commonly present in the mouth, neck, and face but can spread to all other parts of the body as well and cause many symptoms. It is a curable disease, but early treatment is required to avoid its long-term complications. So, make sure you notice its symptoms […]
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