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Alcohol after bariatric surgery

Are you aware of the effects of alcohol after bariatric surgery? It is very crucial because alcohol can cause severe effects on your body after bariatric surgery. When you undergo bariatric surgery, certain changes are made in your stomach and digestive system which also change the absorption ability of the digestive system. Log on to […]
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Endoscopic weight loss procedures: FAQs

Are you planning to have an endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty? Then, give this article a read. We’ve covered the most frequent questions about endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty procedures that’ll help you decide whether this bariatric procedure is for you or if you should look for other procedures. Log on to https://bariatricbrooklyn.com/ to learn more about weight loss […]
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Dumping Syndrome After Bariatric Surgery

Do you experience nausea and severe abdominal pain just after having food? This might be a sign that you have Dumping syndrome. Keep reading to know more about this common condition associated with bariatric procedures. Log on to https://bariatricbrooklyn.com/ to know more about weight loss.  Dumping syndrome is a common side effect of bariatric surgery. […]
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Challenges After Bariatric Surgery 

  Are you aware of the common problems that happen after bariatric surgery? If you don’t know, then consider reading this article.   Like any other surgery, problems after bariatric surgery are very common but quite frustrating. Many people are not able to cope with these problems and end up regaining the lost weight even after […]
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Dehydration After Bariatric Surgery 

  Bariatric surgery is one of the most used surgeries for weight loss. It is also known as weight loss surgery. It is the last resort for obese people who are not able to improve their weight with diet and lifestyle changes. Like other surgeries, bariatric surgery also involves several risks and side effects. One […]
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Biliopancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch (BPS/DS) 

  Are you suffering from obesity and unable to lose weight with traditional methods? Bariatric surgeries can help you lose weight and prevent obesity complications. Log on to https://bariatricbrooklyn.com/ to know more about weight loss. Biliopancreatic diversion with a duodenal switch is one of the most effective weight loss surgeries. It’s a combination of sleeve […]
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The Macro Ratio for Weight Loss 

  As obesity becomes a major problem, people try many different methods to lose weight. One of them is by following the macro diet. Many sports people use this diet plan to stay lean with a good amount of energy to do daily activities. And people find it easier to follow this diet plan because […]
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