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FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) tests

Are you experiencing fertility issues? If yes, this FSH test is your doctor’s first recommendation for both husband and wife. This test is used to check fertility issues in both genders. FSH lab test results can vary but it helps to diagnose the cause of problems.   Learn all the details about FSH tests in this […]
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What’s the link between hyperthyroidism and your menstrual cycle?

Hyperthyroidism can increase the production of prolactin which affects your menstrual cycle. It happens because thyroid hormones regulate the menstrual cycle. Any abnormality/ imbalance in the levels of thyroid hormones can impact the menstrual cycle.  When the thyroid gland releases too much thyroid hormone in the blood it stimulates your brain to produce prolactin hormone. […]
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Signs of high testosterone in men and women

Are you aware of the signs of high testosterone? If you don’t know, high testosterone levels can make you aggressive and irritable and change your sexual function. Often people ignore the signs, and as a result, their sexual functions start to decline. Some people also get heart attacks due to their heart muscles being damaged. […]
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Disorders of the thymus gland

The thymus gland is an important gland that helps to produce and train the T cells to protect our body from infections and diseases. It also produces some hormones that provide a boost, training or fight along with T cells to fight diseases and infections. Scientists also believe that as this gland starts shrinking, triggering […]
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