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First Aid for Eye Scratches

Eye scratches are inevitable, especially if you do housework and play sports. Or if you have pets such as dogs and cats, ang you play with them. These incidents can sometimes still happen no matter how much we avoid them. Eye scratches are minor conditions as long as you do not experience intense eye pain […]
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Ocular Albinism: An Overview

Albinism is a genetic disorder that affects the production of melanin pigment in your body. Melanin is a chemical that is produced in your body that will determine the color of your skin, hair, and eyes. There are several types of albinism and one of them is ocular albinism. For conditions that affect the eyes, […]
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How Sjögren’s Syndrome Affects Your Eyes

Sjögren’s (pronounced as SHOW-grins) syndrome is a condition that affects the parts of your body that are producing fluids, such as tears and saliva. This is a type of autoimmune disease that makes the body’s white blood cells attack the body’s healthy tissue and organs, your immune system attacks the organs and glands that keep […]
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What is Astigmatism

Astigmatism is a vision problem caused by an error in the shape of your cornea or lens. This eye condition causes blurred vision. With this condition, the cornea in your eyes has an irregular curve. The cornea is the outer layer of your eyes, it helps your eye focus on the light so you can […]
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Why Do You Need an Eye Exam

Your eyesight is one of the most important senses in your body. Not taking care of your eyes can lead to vision loss and other eye diseases. It is important that you are able to identify when your sense of sight starts to decline to prevent further eye problems. So, take care of your eye’s […]
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What is Uveitis

Uveitis is a condition in your eyes that causes inflammation in the middle layer and its surrounding tissue. If you have an injury in your eyes, a viral or bacterial infection, it can cause uveitis. This condition causes red eyes, eye pain, and inflammation. If not treated, uveitis can cause permanent vision loss or blindness. […]
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Eye Problems That Can Affect Children

There are many different eye problems that can affect your child’s vision. If they fail a vision screening, do not hesitate to consult an ophthalmologist for further diagnosis and additional tests. Early detection and treatment are so vital to avoid permanent visual impairments. If you are concerned about your child’s vision, consult an ophthalmologist immediately. […]
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Tips for Taking Better Care of Your Eyes

Your eyes are an essential part of your health. You use your eyes to see and enjoy the world around you. But there are diseases that can affect your eyes and can lead to vision loss. Eye problems are easily avoided if you take care of your eyes by practicing eye care habits every day. […]
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