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What is Podiatry Management

  Podiatry is the medical specialty concerned with the care of the human foot, ankle, and lower leg. It focuses on the disorders of the foot and ankle that are best treated by a podiatrist. Doral Health and Wellness provides round-the-clock access to medical professionals. If you ever need the services of Podiatrist Brownsville, we […]
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Flat Feet Treatment Protocols 

  Pes planus, often known as falling or collapsed arches, is a condition characterized by a lack of arch support in the foot. One in ten people who are affected by this illness will experience noticeable symptoms. While fallen arches typically affect both feet, it is possible for one foot to be afflicted. Injuries, excess […]
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What is Podiatric Medicine?  

  Podiatric medicine is the medical specialty that focuses on the prevention, detection, and management of problems relating to the human foot, including those caused by trauma or illness. Like a dentist or an ophthalmologist, a specialist in podiatric medicine is a specialist who has completed extensive training to treat a particular portion of the […]
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What is Pes Planus? 

  Flat feet, or Pes Planus, are common foot conditions. In a healthy foot, an arch forms on the inner side. When you’re standing, a little space like that is very acceptable. People who suffer from Pes Planus, sometimes known as “Flat feet,” have an arch that is abnormally low or nonexistent. When this arch […]
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What Are The Guidelines For Diabetic Foot Care? 

  Managing diabetes involves a number of tasks like monitoring your blood sugar, preparing nutritious meals, fitting in exercise whenever possible, taking medications, and keeping up with your doctor’s appointments. It’s understandable if your feet aren’t at the forefront of your consciousness among all that. However, among the effective techniques to avoid foot issues is […]
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Infected Toenails and Wound Management 

  When the corner of the nail grows into the flesh of the toe, it causes a painful condition known as an ingrown toenail. Everyone is susceptible to this potentially painful illness, and the big toe is the most common site. If ingrown toenails aren’t treated, the infection could migrate to the bone of the […]
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Best Foot Care Routine 

  The problem is made worse because many people skip out on regular foot care. There are a number of foot problems that can arise from this, all of which make walking uncomfortable and limit your total mobility. The majority of the day is spent with unrelenting pressure applied to your feet. They carry your […]
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Foot Lesion Removal 

  A lower extremity lesion is any skin change that stands out from the surrounding skin in some way (growth, damage, patch, reaction, etc.). The causes of skin lesions can be extremely diverse. It hurts, it spreads, and it may be a sign of something else that needs to be checked out. Patients may get […]
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Correction of a Bunion Without Implant 

  A bunion is a bony prominence at the joint where the big toe meets the foot. Bone, tendon, and tissue near the base of your big toe become misaligned, causing a bunion to develop. Since the big toe is bent toward the other toes, this might be painful. Pain, swelling, and progression of bunions […]
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