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Qué es la creatinina

¿Sabes qué es la creatinina? ¿Conoce su importancia y su función? La creatina es un tipo de producto de desecho producido por los músculos y filtrados por el riñón, así como por otros productos de desecho en la sangre. Después de ser filtrado, este producto de desecho se elimina de su cuerpo a través de […]
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What is creatinine?

Do you know what creatinine is? Is it important and what are its functions? Creatinine is a type of waste product made by your muscles and filtered by your kidney along with other waste products in your blood. After being filtered, this waste product is removed from your body through urine. Your creatinine levels can […]
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Symptoms and Causes of Kidney Cancer

Kidney cancer is a type of cancer that starts in your kidneys, it is the abnormal growth of cells in the tissues of your kidney. These cells will eventually form a mass. When these tumors become cancerous or malignant, they can spread to your other tissues and vital organs. If you notice signs and symptoms of […]
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