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Hyperthyroidism and your periods

Are you experiencing light/no periods? If yes, then maybe you’ve developed hyperthyroidism which affects your menstrual cycle. Many people are not aware that any imbalance in thyroid hormones can impact their menstrual cycle. Hyperthyroidism is linked with the menstrual cycle and if you don’t notice the changes it causes in your menstrual cycle you may […]
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What’s the link between hyperthyroidism and your menstrual cycle?

Hyperthyroidism can increase the production of prolactin which affects your menstrual cycle. It happens because thyroid hormones regulate the menstrual cycle. Any abnormality/ imbalance in the levels of thyroid hormones can impact the menstrual cycle.  When the thyroid gland releases too much thyroid hormone in the blood it stimulates your brain to produce prolactin hormone. […]
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Abnormal Menstruation

Typical and normal menstrual periods can last from four to seven days. Menstrual cycles often bring out uncomfortable symptoms prior to your period. You may also experience premenstrual syndrome (PMS) such as mild cramps and fatigue, but these symptoms usually go away when your period starts.  If you have problems with your menstrual health, schedule […]
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