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What are the consequences of the weight stigma?

Weight stigma is a very common discrimination that happens toward obese or overweight people. But you should understand you are not alone in this battle against this thought process. What you need to do is to self-accept yourself and try to change the perspective of people about body weight. With the help of the above-mentioned […]
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What is the weight stigma?

Do you know what weight stigma is? It is a term used for discrimination towards overweight or obese people about their weight and size. The stigma represents verbal and physical abuse. This is very common in the US, where the majority of people suffer from being overweight or battling with weight bias and stigma in […]
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Bipolar mania

Are you experiencing a high level of energy with racing thoughts? If yes, chances are that you are experiencing a bipolar mania episode. It is usually caused by bipolar disorder. It is a mental health disorder that causes extreme mood swings from highs (mania) to lows (depression). It causes episodes of euphoria, racing thoughts, and […]
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Overcoming social isolation and loneliness

Do you know the difference between social isolation and loneliness? Because many people think that these two are the same. But they are not. If you don’t know the difference, then you should consider reading this article. Social isolation means having some or no friends to talk to whereas loneliness means you feel alone like […]
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Coping with obesity stigma

Do you know, nearly half of U.S. people who are obese suffer from stigma? Weight stigma is an act of discrimination towards individuals because of their weight and size. This stigma of obesity can affect the majority of people who are obese. This not only impacts mental health but physical health also because it produces […]
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