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CSF (Cerebrospinal fluid) cell count tests

Did your doctor recommend you take a CSF cell count test? If yes, then read this article to clear your doubts about this test.   This test is used to measure the counts of white and red blood cells in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). CSF is a clear fluid that flows inside the skull around the brain […]
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Causes of axonal injury

Axon injury can happen directly or indirectly and lead to certain physiological or neurological functional issues either temporary or permanent. This depends on which neuron’s axon gets damaged and is connected to which part of the body. Get a consultation with the best neurologists in Brooklyn.    Here are the major causes of axonal injury:  […]
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What is an Axon?

Did you know about axons? It is part of the nervous system that helps neurons to communicate. It can be in different sizes and lengths. However, if it gets damaged it can lead to disability, coma, paralysis, or even death. So you must know what causes damage to the axon. Learn about axons in this […]
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What should you know about absence seizures?

Do you know about the seizures that affect children? If you don’t know, absence seizures or Petit Mal seizures are the seizures that mostly affect children. These seizures cause a lapse in awareness. It occurs suddenly, without any warning, and lasts only for a couple of seconds. Its symptoms are sometimes mistaken as daydreaming or […]
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Management of absence seizures

Absence seizures mostly affect children. These seizures cause smaller episodes and milder symptoms than other types of seizures. What causes the absence seizures is not yet known, but it is believed it is caused by genetic changes. While these seizures are curable in most cases. But in rare cases, the seizures get intense and change […]
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