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What is the weight stigma?

Do you know what weight stigma is? It is a term used for discrimination towards overweight or obese people about their weight and size. The stigma represents verbal and physical abuse. This is very common in the US, where the majority of people suffer from being overweight or battling with weight bias and stigma in […]
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How obesity affects your well-being?

Do you know, nearly half of U.S. people who are obese suffer from stigma? Weight stigma is an act of discrimination towards individuals because of their weight and size. This stigma of obesity can affect the majority of people who are obese. This not only impacts mental health but physical health also because it produces […]
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Coping with obesity

People find it hard to deal with obesity stigma rather than obesity itself. This happens when people care more about what others think and how they treat them. But instead, they should focus on themselves and how they can improve themselves. And people need to understand if they support obese people, they can do better […]
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