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What should you know about absence seizures?

Do you know about the seizures that affect children? If you don’t know, absence seizures or Petit Mal seizures are the seizures that mostly affect children. These seizures cause a lapse in awareness. It occurs suddenly, without any warning, and lasts only for a couple of seconds. Its symptoms are sometimes mistaken as daydreaming or […]
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Management of absence seizures

Absence seizures mostly affect children. These seizures cause smaller episodes and milder symptoms than other types of seizures. What causes the absence seizures is not yet known, but it is believed it is caused by genetic changes. While these seizures are curable in most cases. But in rare cases, the seizures get intense and change […]
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Post-stroke seizures

Do you know about post-stroke seizures? It is a seizure that occurs after a stroke. Usually, this type of seizure mostly doesn’t lead to epilepsy. But if the symptoms are severe, it can be a life-threatening condition. So, you must know how you can prevent a seizure after a stroke. Get a consultation with the best […]
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