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Challenges and stigma around suicide

The International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) organizes, and the World Health Organization (WHO) endorses World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD), which is observed annually on September 10th.  Suicide is not the solution to your problems. Your life is precious. Understand the importance of life.   Read this article to learn how to face the challenges and […]
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Suicidal Feelings & Thoughts

Are you having dark thoughts these days because things in your life are going sideways? If yes, you need immediate help because these thoughts might become a reason that you lose your life.   These thoughts are the leading cause that leads to suicide. And suicide is the 4th major cause behind the death of teenagers […]
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Mental Health Awareness and Suicide

Life is a journey that gives you lots of ups and downs. When you’re living your downs, you feel like the end of the world. And that’s the moment, where you get the thought of killing yourself. Let’s make one thing clear, suicide is never going to solve anything. And in today’s world, this has […]
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