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Headache is a very common complaint in most people, almost half of the adult population experiences headache at least once within a year. While headaches are often painful and uncomfortable, they are very treatable with simple over-the-counter pain relievers and often go away after several hours. However, you should watch out for repeated attacks of […]
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The Different Types of Primary Headaches

Headaches are basically the pain that you feel in your head. Seems too simple right? But did you know that there are different types of headaches? They are classified based on their causes. If you have or are experiencing a repeated attack of headache, contact Doral Health and Wellness and talk to our primary care […]
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Dolor debajo de las costillas: ¿qué podría ser?

¿Ha experimentado un dolor punzante en la parte superior del abdomen? ¿O un dolor sordo y lento justo debajo de las costillas? El dolor puede desaparecer con la misma rapidez o puede ser constante. Dependiendo de la causa de su dolor, es posible que solo sienta molestias en un lado de su cuerpo y/o abdomen.  […]
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What is Primary Care?

A primary care provider is a medical professional who practices general medicine. They are your first stop to medical  care. They provide routine check-ups and non-emergency medical care. If your child or any member of your family  has fever, cough, shortness of breath, rash, or plainly feeling under the weather, your primary care physician is your go-to person. They can usually find the cause and treat you for it. They do not just help prevent and treat illnesses, but  they also help you promote living a healthier life.    At Doral Health and Wellness, we have the best primary care doctors for you and your whole family. They are the  best doctors in Brooklyn, and they can help you manage and deal with you and your family’s health condition.     A primary care physician usually has their own offices where you can visit for appointments and treat you. Or if they  can’t, they can refer you to a specialist. Also, if you are admitted to a hospital and are undergoing treatment, your  primary care physician can oversee your treatment alongside your specialist.    Your primary care physician will be like your health manager. As they are trained to handle all aspects of healthcare.  They are also the ones you turn to if you need a recommendation for a specialist. They also help you manage and  schedule your routine check-ups, immunizations, preventive care, and screenings. They can also diagnose common  illnesses and chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and obesity.    Your primary care physician is your partner in helping you stay healthy. They should be able to provide you  comprehensive care like:  Diagnosis and treatment of illnesses Injury care Disease prevention and screening Coordination with regard to your health Counseling You should find a primary care provider fit for you and your family. You can talk to friends, colleagues, or neighbors for  primary care providers they can recommend. Find the best primary care provider as they will be your partner in  providing the best health to your family.    In the United States, one good place to start in searching for a primary care provider is through your insurance  provider. They usually have a list of primary care providers in your area that you could consult if the need arises.    At Doral Health and Wellness, our team of primary care physicians aims to provide the best health care and services  to everyone. We have a family doctor that can help you treat common illnesses. For more information, you can visit us  at 1797 Pitkin Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, 11212, or call us at 1-347-384-5690. You can also visit our website at  https://doralhw.org or contact us at info@doralhw.org if you have any queries. We have the best primary care  doctor in Brooklyn to provide you with the best comprehensive medical care and health care services.    For urgent medical emergencies, you can also visit Doral Health and Wellness Urgent Care. We provide urgent and  comprehensive care for most health problems. For more info, visit us at http://www.urgentcareclinicbrooklyn.com/. You can also reach us at 1-347-384-5690. 
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Abdominal Pain: Types and Causes

Abdominal pain is the discomfort that you feel around your belly region. Oftentimes we considered it as stomach pain or stomachache, but the pain that you feel in your abdomen area can be coming from other organs besides your stomach. Because your abdomen is home to your other organs, such as: Stomach Gallbladder Pancreas Liver […]
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Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common medical condition that we experience. It can range from a dull pain on your backside to sudden, sharp throb that seems to spread onto your buttocks and legs. Although, it is very rarely a case of medical emergency, but it can sometimes be a symptom of an […]
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Anaphylaxis is a life-threatening, severe allergic reaction. It causes your immune system to release chemicals that can make your blood pressure drop suddenly and narrow your airways, blocking your breathing. This is your body’s natural defense when reacting to a trigger, such as food or medication. It can occur suddenly and can worsen very quickly. […]
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How To Control Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is called the silent killer for a very good reason. It usually has no symptoms but can pose a major risk of many health issues such as heart disease and stroke. And these diseases are the leading cause of death in the United States. Lifestyle can play a big role […]
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