Have you tried searching for something like “how to take care of your nose?” I know, seems boring right? As uninteresting as it seems, taking care of our nose is as important as taking care of our skin or heart or any part of our body.

Our nose plays a vital role in maintaining a good quality of life. Learning how to take care of our noses can help us enjoy some of the world’s most amazing smells.

Our nose serves two main purposes. It helps us smell, which gives us pleasure or warns us against danger. It also serves as an airway to our lungs and helps us breathe.


Here are some tips in taking better care of our nose.

· Maintaining a clean home

One of the best ways we can do in taking care of our nose is making sure that our home is always clean. Always remember that dust is our nose’s mortal enemy.


· Stop smoking

Smoking is bad for everyone’s health. It targets the nasal cavity and affect our nasal passages. Second-hand smoking is also bad for our health as it does the same thing to our nose.

· Cleaning of our nose properly

Cleaning our nose has a great number of benefits. And the way we clean our nose is important. Use a cotton swab and warm salty water to clean your nose, this poses very little risk of scratching or damaging the sensitive membranes of the nose.


· Invest in a humidifier

Keep your home’s air more humid to help improve your nose’s health. Humidity can help with proper breathing and in some cases, it also helps with snoring because the nasal passages are not clogged. A humidifier can help control with the level of moisture in the home’s air.


· Proper use of nasal sprays

When you have a runny nose, it is not recommended to regularly use nasal sprays as it can damage the lining along the nostrils. If you really need to use one, always follow the directions and do not use it more than what is required.

If you notice something odd with your nose, it is better to consult your Doral doctor immediately. Get it checked before it progresses and leads to more health problems. Call us today at 718-367-2555.