Although we all learn the basic rules of intimate hygiene growing up, feminine hygiene is still one of the hushed topics in our society. There tends to be a lot of confusion over what is right, what is safe and what is not in terms of caring for our vagina. However, it is very important to understand how to maintain vaginal hygiene to keep the genitals area clean to avoid infection and bacterial growth. 

Here are some of the important dos and don’ts to stay fresh, clean, and healthy “down there”! 

Keep your vagina dry 

The vagina produces natural fluids. But excess moisture buildup can be the ground for bacteria to grow. So, it is important to note how to eliminate extra moisture. This includes: 

  • Wearing breathable undergarments 
  • Changing out of wet and sweaty undergarments 
  • Wiping after urination (the right way to wipe is from front to back) 

Change sanitary pad every 4-6 hours 

Not changing sanitary pads and tampons for a long period of time can lead to rashes and bad odor. At certain points, it can also lead to infection. But during heavy flow, it is best to change pads every 3-4 hours. If you are using tampons, change it every 6 hours.  

Don’t use soap 

Strong perfumed soaps affect your vagina’s natural pH that can disrupt the vaginal balance making you more at risk to infection. So, skip the soap and use warm water instead. 

Clean up the vagina after sex 

Always make it a habit to clean up after sex. Body fluids can cause irritation too. Cleaning up after sex can also prevent infection like urinary tract infection (UTI). 

Do not shave off pubic hair 

The pubic hair is very important in vaginal hygiene. Do not shave it off as it may cut the skin that can cause irritation, leaving you more prone to infection. It is better to trim with scissors than shave it all off completely. 

See your Doral Health & Wellness gynecologist 

Making an appointment and taking the time to talk to your Doral gynecologist regularly will ensure that you are keeping up with the necessary test and procedures. This will also give you the chance to address any questions and concerns related to your reproductive health. 

Do not ignore signs if infection 

Do not ignore any signs and symptoms that you might have vaginal infections. From stinky smell to colored vaginal discharge, it is best to consult your doctor immediately. Also, an itchy vagina or pain in the vaginal region could already be a sign of underlying health condition. 

Every woman should know the most basic feminine hygiene to ensure a healthy vagina. You know yourself and your vagina better than anyone else, so if you notice something is not right, call your gynecologist immediately to book an appointment. At Doral Health and Wellness, your reproductive health is one of our top priorities. Please visit or call 347-955-3465.