The skin is the largest organ in our body. It is composed of three main layers, which consists of:

· Epidermis – the elastic and outer layer of the skin that is continually being regenerated

· Dermis – this is the inner layer of the skin

· Subcutaneous layer – which is under the dermis that made up of connective tissues and fats


The skin has several important functions, which can include:

· Helps regulate body temperature

· Acts as the body’s sensory organ, such as touch, detecting temperature, pain stimuli

· Production of vitamin D

· Prevents body’s loss of moisture

· Helps in reducing harmful effects of the UV radiation

· Provides a protective barrier against environmental elements

No matter how we see it, our skin is very important as it holds, covers, and protects everything inside our body. Without the skin, our bones, muscles, and other organs would be out in the open and will be hanging all over the place.

It is very important that we understand how to take care of our skin and understand our skin type. Because using the wrong products not designed for our skin type could worsen its problems.


Achieving healthy skin is not done overnight, it needs consistency and using the right products. You’d want to slow down the aging and reduce breakouts. A good skin care routine is the first step in getting back our skin’s health. Here are some of the tips in creating an ideal routine to maintain its healthy and natural glow:

· Wear sunscreen every day

Sun damage can make a toll on yourself if you do not do anything to protect it. Over exposure to the sun’s UV rays is the primary cause to skin aging, it can also increase the risk of having skin cancer. Use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15. Apply generously to skin and reapply after every two hours especially if you are out swimming. You can also avoid being under the sun between 10am to 4pm where the sun shines the strongest.

· Quit smoking

Smoking damages the skin’s natural collagen. And it increases a certain type of skin cancer. Smoking will make your skin look older. Heavy air pollution also causes harm to the skin.

· Wash your face regularly

Washing our face will remove the dirt, oils, and bacteria that we’ve accumulated while doing our everyday routines and activities. Practice washing your face regularly especially after removing make-up, after work-out and after sweating out.

· Getting enough sleep

Our body needs 7 to 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep. It helps restore, rejuvenate, and repair our skin. Our skin produces new collagen when we get enough sleep. It is also important that we set a schedule to get consistent sleep pattern.

· Eat a healthy diet

A healthy diet will help you look and feel your best. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Drinking plenty of water also helps in keeping the skin hydrated.

· Manage stress

Stress can trigger many skin problems, such as acne breakouts. To achieve healthy skin, try to manage your stress. Make time to do the things that you really enjoy. Live life freely, with a happy heart and healthy mind.

· Drink water

Dehydration can make the skin look very dull and dry. It also enhances the dark lines in your face. Drink water as it nourishes the skin from the inside. Alcohol and coffee can only make your dehydration worse and dull your glow. Drinking plenty of water, eating fruits and vegetables, getting enough sleep, and doing exercise are a perfect combination of keeping the skin healthy.

· Exercise

Exercise will help increase blood flow. It also helps decrease stress and can help in improving good sleep quality.

· Exfoliate

Exfoliation helps with the removal of dead skin cells which can clog the skin and to reveal fresh new cells. The skin naturally sheds the dead skin cells so make sure that you don’t over exfoliate as it can damage and dry the skin more.

Before using new products in your skin, make sure that you patch test it first to make sure that it doesn’t give you any allergic reactions. You should see a dermatologist if you observe a skin problem that doesn’t seem to get better even after using over-the-counter products.


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