What are the Causes of Lisfranc Injury 


Injuries to the ligaments or bones in the midfoot, or Lisfranc fractures, are common causes of foot pain. The arch of your foot is formed at the midfoot, the joint between your forefoot and your hindfoot. If you have a Lisfranc injury, you can hurt both the joint and the ligament, which are both in the middle of your foot. These types of breaks are typical of injuries to the foot. According to the nature of the damage, it can range from being quite minor to extremely harmful. Doral Health and Wellness provides round-the-clock access to medical professionals. If you’re in need of Podiatrist Brownsville, one is always available. Podiatrists are medical professionals who focus on the care of the lower limbs, including the foot, ankle, and lower leg. The lower limbs are the main focus of their diagnostic and surgical work, as well as wound care.  In the event that you are experiencing pain in your feet as a result of diabetesDiabetic Foot Doctor can help. 

The structures, articulations, and ligamentous parts that make up the Lisfranc joint group in the midfoot are susceptible to injury. Because of its rarity, this injury is often misdiagnosed when it does occur. 

If a Lisfranc fracture doesn’t heal properly, it might lead to major problems. Lisfranc fractures have symptoms that can be easily mistaken for those of other common foot injuries. This is why the correct diagnosis of any foot injury is crucial. 

Injuries to the lisfranc joint typically cause the following symptoms: 

  • Bruises on the dorsal or plantar aspect of the foot 
  • Discomfort that exacerbates when upright or moving 
  • Swelling 
  • Being unable to stroll without assistance, such as crutches 
  • Difficulty walking 
  • Often, but not always, a bruise at the foot’s plantar aspect. 

The severity of symptoms associated with this fracture can vary widely depending on the severity of the fracture itself. The cartilage between the joints in the middle of the foot is often also damaged by Lisfranc fractures. 

If the initial injury isn’t treated properly, the cartilaginous area could become severely damaged and further stress could be placed on the other structures in the midfoot. 

What causes this injury? 

Lisfranc fractures are often misdiagnosed as minor sprains because their causes are similar to those of sprains. 

Even low-energy trauma, such as a twist of the foot from a fall, is enough to cause a Lisfranc fracture. When football players run fast with their feet flexed, they often get this condition. 

Major trauma can potentially result in a Lisfranc fracture. Most of the time, a serious Lisfranc injury is caused by a fall from a very high place. Fractures or dislocations of the joints can also occur if something heavy is dropped on a flexed foot. Another common trigger for Lisfranc fractures is being in a car or motorcycle collision. 

You may put your trust in the diagnosis made by the Podiatrist at Doral Health & Wellness, who has extensive knowledge in the field of diagnosing diseases affecting the feet and legs. The muscles and bones in the foot can become fragile for a variety of reasons. In a moment of dire need, a visit to the Foot Doctor Brooklyn is a must. If you have hurt your foot or ankle, especially if it is serious, you should make an appointment with a Podiatrist Brownsville right away. If you’re curious about where Doral Health & Wellness is, you can find it at 1797 Pitkin Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11212. To schedule an appointment, call 1-347-384-5690 or visit http://www.podiatristsbrooklyn.com/.